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Clarify your Message | Build your Online Audience | Create Authentic Content | Monetize your Gifts

Time has come to show the world your greatness. Learn how to create authentic content and inspire people on YouTube.

Clarify your Gifts

Become crystal clear about the gifts you can share with the world.

Grow Online

Create content that transforms people and makes them interested in buying your products.


Learn how to earn an income online by doing what you love.

You need this all-new program ONLY if you want to...

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Work from Anywhere

You are done with the 9-5, because you want to have the freedom to work on your own mission. Anywhere. Anytime. You want to open your laptop and be ready to work online.

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Monetize your Gifts

You know you were meant to make a bigger impact than you currently do. And you found out that it is time to monetize your gifts to earn an income.

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Inspire Thousands

You want to make an impact in the world by doing what you love and reach your full potential. By creating inspiring content you transform the lives of people all over the world.

Wouter Profile

Meet your Guide

As a content creator, Wouter knows how to create authentic content that inspires people on YouTube and Instagram.

Even though Wouter was very depressed for many years, he now strongly believes that there are many gifts within every person that needs to unfold. They say that in the acorn lies the oak tree. Something that Wouter builds on. Every person has its own story, a story that can transform the lives of others.

Now Wouter helps people all over the world with finding their gifts and sharing their greatness on Social Media: whether you are a coach, singer, writer or designer.

Wouter has trained many people with clarifying their message and creating content that transforms lives online. Apply below to start your journey as an aspiring influencer as well.  

It's Time to Begin your Journey

Don’t know where to start? Do you feel overwhelmed? Apply now for your 12 week coaching program where you’ll learn how to clarify your message, create impactful content and begin your journey as an aspiring influencer on YouTube.

What People Say

"Your coaching program helped me with building a solid foundation for my social media journey. I now understand how I can make authentic and inspiring content on YouTube and Instagram."
Aaron Sendler
"Your energy pops-off the screen like you are sitting in front of me! Love your humor in your videos and coaching sessions. You make life changing education fun again! Lots of love from Vanessa!"
Vanessa Kunis
"Wouter, your YouTube is a hidden gem! Thank you for the amazing wisdom in your coaching program shifted the way I make content. Thank you so much for all your knowledge!"
Mike de Wit

Who is this for?


Are you an aspiring influencer or content creator? Or are you just starting out? This coaching program will help you with clarifying your message and starting your journey on social media.


Are you a coach that wants to use YouTube and Instagram to convert more clients? This coaching program will help you to make content that inspires people and builds your authority.

Content Creators

Are you a content creator that wants to level up its content? This coaching program will help you with creating content that inspires people and builds your authority.

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Are you ready to build a following online? Has your time come to impact people all over the world? To monetize your gifts? But do you find it difficult to get started?
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