10 BEST YouTube Niche ideas 2021 (TRENDING RIGHT NOW!)

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10 BEST YouTube Niche ideas 2021 (TRENDING RIGHT NOW!)

I found the best YouTube niche ideas for 2021. These niches are hotter than the lukewarm coffee you get at your local coffee shop, and if you embark on those niches, you might be the next big, YouTuber. I selected 10 ideas, but the last few people see the most success in. 

If you choose one of these hot niches, make sure that you have these 3 factors in place: passion + knowledge + high in demand. You have to be passionate about that niche, you have to know something about it, or actually learn about that niche. And it should be in demand, because if there is no demand, nobody watches your videos.

Niche #1: Beauty and Fashion

The first YouTube niche idea for 2021 is beauty and fashion. Beauty and fashion is bigger than ever before! This billion-dollar market keeps growing and growing, and Instagram plays a major role in that. This market is one of the fastest growing markets here on YouTube, and it keeps growing exponentially. A few examples are James Charles with his makeup and NikkiTutorials.

Niche #2: Travel

The second YouTube Niche idea for 2021 is travel. I have to admit that I’ve watched way more travel videos during the COVID pandemic then in my entire life combined. I love travel so much and used YouTube as an escape to beautiful destinations.

Guess what? Billions of people use YouTube as their escape into another dimension. They go to their favorite city, their favorite beach, their island… you name it! Travel keeps growing because people have a deep love for travelling. Travel was already popular, but now with COVID people crave of going to beautiful destinations and they want to know more about traveling. 

A great example of someone in the travel niche is Lost LeBlanc, with 1.8 million subscribers.

Niche #3: Information

The third YouTube niche idea for 2021 is information. Today in 2021 YouTube is the biggest platform for videos the world has ever known. YouTube is right now used by billions of people to search for information. So what do YOU know that most people are searching for? This is what I focus on with my channel as well. People want to know how to get leads for their business, using YouTube, and I provide them with information.

Just remember that you are (in some topics) at least one chapter ahead of someone else that’s starting from zero. Even if you don’t feel like an expert, you are at least one chapter ahead.  So what is it? Vanessa Lau and Marisa Peer are very good examples of how to share information on YouTube.

Niche #4: Food and Cooking

The fourth YouTube niche idea for 2021 is food and cooking. This became extremely popular during COVID. Why? Because there were no workshops and all the restaurants were closed, which meant people had to find hobbies at home. People needed hobbies they could do from home, like cooking. And if you can find your unique personality and step into that niche, you stand out and CAN blow up.

And a great example of this is the Home Cooking Show.

Niche #5: Fitness and Health

The fifth YouTube Niche Idea for 2021 is fitness and health. Do you know how many people were dancing inside of their living room in my neighborhood during COVID? This became very popular during COVID and it still is. People love better health above anything else (except money). And if YOU can help them to become healthier, people subscribe because they want to go there together with you. And a great example is Fraser Wilson.

Niche #6: Unboxing and Reviews

The sixth YouTube niche idea that you should check out in 2021 is unboxing and reviews. I know… people are very weird creatures…. and they love opening boxes. I’m not going to say a lot about this niche. But if you do product reviews and open boxes, you have a niche that is crazy high in demand.

Think of Unboxing Therapy with 17 million subscribers.

Niche #7: Humor and Entertainment

The seventh YouTube niche idea for 2021 is humor and entertainment. YouTube has always been another place to escape into another dimension. Sometimes life is so boring, especially last year, that you want to seek laughter in another dimension. And when you focus with your channel on being funny, relatable and authentic, people subscribe. Not for the information that you provide, but for your personality and humor. That’s when people watch your video.

Think of Jennelle Eliana, who grew to 2 million subscribers with just a few relatable videos, or Kelly Stamps who is extremely relatable and funny because of her dry humor.

Niche #8: Storytelling

The eight YouTube niche idea for 2021 is storytelling. Humans always loved people who could share and tell a very good story story. And like in a cinema, you can watch a movie for hours if it has a good storyline. Lana Blakely is a very good example of how to tell captivating stories.

Niche #9: Gaming

The ninth YouTube niche for 2021 is gaming. Gaming has never been more popular than today. Because of COVID a new habit was installed: gaming. Game sales went up, health went down, but besides that… gaming became highly popular. People love to see you playing games and you can build a very good following doing that. A very good example of a successful YouTuber in the gaming niche is Dream with millions of subscribers.

Niche #10: You Yourself

The best YouTube niche for 2021 is no one else than YOU. You are your niche. And when you are you, you can stand out in 2021. It sounds silly and easy, but it is NOT. In my first videos I thought I was myself, but I was cold and not relatable at all. And after being on YouTube for a year, I can tell you that the best YouTube niche there is… is being yourself and showing the world exactly who you are. Because if you’re not yourself and try to be someone else… you’ll always be there shadow!

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