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In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the 10 biggest mistakes new and small Youtubers make and how to avoid them.

By the end of this blog you’ll learn exactly how to “stop making the mistakes I made”, because in under a year I learned SO MUCH and many of these things the big YouTubers don’t tell you.

Mistake 1: Need VS Want

The first mistake new and small YouTubers make is not making the right content. I am guilty of this. I don’t say that my content was low quality, because it WASN’T… because I packed so much life changing value in those videos… but there is a big difference between making videos that people WANT and videos that PEOPLE need.

And most of my older videos were all over the place and related to mindset. And Mindset is a very difficult topic to sell.

What do I mean by selling?

You can see YouTube as a store and YouTube wants to sell “or show” people what they want and not necessarily what they NEED. And me as a creator gave people all the time what they needed. Mindset, rejection tips, confidence hacks… but that is not always what people want.

People buy products, and in YouTube terms, CLICK on videos that increase their status, give them wealth, health and relationships… and confidence might be what is needed, but not what they want.

Give people what they want and in those videos,  you can give them what they need. This is one of my biggest lessons EVER.

Mistake 2: Thumbnails

The second mistake new and small YouTubers make is not having clickable thumbnails. Your thumbnail is the packaging of your product. Don’t put whole sentences on the thumbnail and don’t make it a dull image. Make it highly clickable to add curiosity to it, show your face and add a lot of emotion to it.

If I make a video I always check what is out there and make a thumbnail that just pops off the screen.

And therefore I use Photoshop and Lightroom to make the whole thumbnail way brighter. Oh, and don’t forget to increase the contrast and saturation. Make it pop. 

student, typing, keyboard

Mistake 3: Value Proposition

The third mistake new and small YouTubers make is not having a clear value proposition. When I was starting out… I didn’t know what I was doing and was just making random mindset videos. I tried to niche down but every time I did that it didn’t feel right and I changed my cover banner and therefore showed my audience that I didn’t know what I was doing.

A value proposition means “what value do YOU give to the world”.

Your channel will only grow when you have a clear problem solution fit. People have a problem, you produce videos and people click and if it helps them they might subscribe. Provide value to people and give them what they want. 

Mistake 4: Audience Retention

The fourth mistake new and small YouTubers make is not focussing on audience retention. If you have a store where people buy products. Do you give them the products that people enjoy for weeks or a product that they open and are not satisfied with? Probably the first. YouTube works the same way. Most of my first videos have a terrible audience retention rate of around 15%.

This means that people only watch my video for 15% and skip the rest. And YouTube tries to keep people as long on YouTube as they can because then they can make more money… and that means your video won’t show up. If you want to rank higher, have a retention rate of at least 40%.

And if you want to learn how to double your retention rate, let me know in the comments so I can make another video. 

Mistake 5: Not Having a Dream

The fifth mistake new and small YouTubers make is not dreaming big. When I was starting out on YouTube I had a big dream of receiving my 100K award from YouTube. That I could achieve it within a year… but when I started and my videos didn’t perform according to that dream… I had some work to do. But what I wanted to say is that that BIG DREAM helped me with taking action.

Have a dream and visualize where you want to be over the coming years and believe in it. Because what you hold in your head, you attract. This is the law of Attraction.

Mistake 6: Not knowing WHY you film

The sixth mistake new and small YouTubers make is not knowing your WHY. When I started out many months ago… I just wanted to make some videos, but had NO CLUE WHY I was filming in the first place. That was a terrible mistake because I didn’t have a solid foundation to build a channel on.

You HAVE to find your WHY before you start. Is it because you want to become famous and make money? Or do you want to inspire people all over the world to improve their lives? I would pick the last one.

I love helping people. Make sure you know WHY you film and WHY you make content in the first place. Is it for the views or do you use your videos as a sales funnel. Just saying…

Mistake 7: Not using Instagram

The seventh mistake new and small YouTubers make is not using Instagram to direct people to your video. I am so glad I use Instagram now to direct people to my videos.

Every time I upload a video, I also upload an image that evokes curiosity to my followers and that primes them to click to my video. It shows people that I uploaded a video again and when you make it interesting enough, people will watch it.

Mistake 8: Not Blogging

The eight mistake new and small YouTubers make is not having a blog. Do you know that I can transcribe this video and change it to a blog? Then Google will pick up all the keywords and redirect people from Google to my blog and then to my video.

It is repurposing content and works crazy well. Use a blog to promote your videos because the more website link to your video, the more you show YouTube your video is worth promoting.

Mistake 9: Not Promoting

The eight mistake new and small YouTubers make is not using social media to promote your videos. Don’t be shy and dare to share your hard work on social media. Put a link to your channel in the bio of your accounts and use Instagram stories to promote your new video because engagement in the first 24 hours is CRUCIAL.  

Mistake 10: No Self Belief

The tenth mistake new and small YouTubers make is not believing in yourself. I almost quit 3 times over the last 6 month because I thought I couldn’t make videos. But every time I saw comments of how I helped people with overcoming a problem I got motivated to continue making videos.

You wont succeed at once but you HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that when things don’t work for you channel… the Universe is giving you signs that you should pivot. And when you do that and take action and you have a clear problem solution fit… things might take off.

YouTube is a puzzle and try different ways to solve the puzzle. But it is possible for you to get to your goals. 

Thanks for watching today’s video and I’ll see you in the next one!

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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