10 Questions about Scripting and the Law of Attraction

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Today I want to go over the top 10 questions people have about scripting, because some of you find it vague and you need these questions answered to avoid the mistakes I made, because otherwise you script for nothing and it becomes a waste of your time. 

Question 1: Do I rewrite the same thing over and over again?

One of the questions that you guys ask the most is:

“Do I rewrite the same thing over and over again?” 

I know right, that sounds like the most BORING thing in the world, maybe it feels like when you were back at school and were punished and had to write the same lines over for a 100 times. 


You have to rewrite the same thing over and over again. 

For example: when you want to manifest a girl or boyfriend, write out that you had an amazing date at a beautiful restaurant with that person. You don’t have to repeat everything word for word, but it should be the same scene. Describe the food you ordered, the setting, the emotions and make it specific. It is not necessary to repeat yourself word for word, but describe the same scene in detail.

Question 2: Do I have to script every day? 

I feel that the person who asked this question doesn’t like writing, right? But scripting is NOT about how many times you do it, but about the feeling it generates. 

Wouter explain that please. 

Scripting is just the tool, it is not where the magic happens. The magic happens within you. Scripting is a method to help you change. So what this means is that you script until you believe that you have already received what you wish to manifest. 

And for some people that means that they have to script twice a day, for someone else once a week and for someone else a few times a week. You script until you believe it is already yours, like you are already in a relationship, you already have… whatever you want. 

It means that when you get crazy bored writing the same things over and over again… your subconscious mind thinks: 

“I know this already.” 

And then it gets locked in until you believe it is yours. 

Question 3: Can I manifest more than one thing at once?

Of course you can manifest more than one thing at once. As a human being we have more than once desire. We want to attract money, we want to attract love, we want SO MUCH! You can use scripting to manifest more than once thing but I have to tell you that when you script in the morning for 5 minutes: focus on one thing. 

Just focus on the thing you want most and then in the evening you pick something else. When you have 100% energy, you can give the 100% to something or three things 30%. So I would rather focus on one thing and then in the evening focus on something else. 

Question 4: Do I have to be specific?

Yes! Yes! Yes! You have to be very specific when you script. It is like writing a story in the present tense. 

Instead of just writing down “I had dinner with a girl last night,” write down “I was having dinner at 8 PM in an Asian restaurant. Her blonde hair, bright blue eyes and gorgeous dress grabbed my attention immediately.” 

Describe the setting you are in and make it like a story. Focus on the details so your mind starts to visualise the thing and because your subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what is imagination, you start to rewire yourself. 

As long as you combine it with a lot of positive emotion, otherwise your subconscious doesn’t let it in. The scripting is what you send out to the Universe and the feelings draw the manifestation back to you.

Question 5: Should I script in the evening or in the morning?

It depends on what you like. I like to script in the morning, because then I am in an alpha state of mind which means I am a bit drowsy and sleepy and the door to my subconscious is more open than when I am awake, but you can definitely script in the evening, or maybe twice a day. 

Question 6: For how long should I script?

That is an interesting question. You script not for 30 minutes, because that just takes too much time. I would recommend to keep it under 10 minutes in the morning, so you can clearly write out your story and close your eyes to feel grateful for that the thing you want already happened and then begin your day. It is not the more you write the faster it will come, it is all about the feelings if happiness it generates. 

And the second part of this question is that you stop with scripting until the thing you WISH to manifest… is already yours. When you want to manifest a boyfriend… script until you believe you have a boyfriend, because when the opportunities come into your life and that perfect boy shows up… the one that has all the criteria you had written down in your scripting, you DARE to take action.

Question 7: What is important to focus on when scripting?

Do you know that this one of the most important questions? Some people just sit and write very fast what they want and rush to work… but it is a waste of your time. What you should focus on is the following. In my scripting I wrote down that I was extremely grateful for having 100.000 YouTube subscribers and that I inspired people all over the world with improving their love lives. And when I looked at my subscriber rate I was like: 

“Huh, I thought I had 100.000 subscribers?” 

Your mind starts to question why you don’t have it already and it starts to search for things to reach that goal. Your outer world starts to reflect back your internal state. 

You have to ask yourself: 

“Huh, where is my girlfriend right now? 

Even if you are single.” So focus on the FEELINGS during scripting and feel grateful. Gratitude is the MOST important thing. 

Question 8: Does this work for money, love as well as for health?

YES! It works for almost everything. You are the master of your destiny and you are in total control of your thoughts and feelings and they create your destiny. 

When your scripting is about hitting your first 10K month or generating your first 1000 Dollars you create a money consciousness, when you want to attract your soulmate, you create a love consciousness. 

And even if you are sick you can feel grateful for already being a healthy human being. It is the power of the placebo, and in the book Supernatural from Joe Dispenza he describes how he helped many people with deathly diseases to heal themselves. Taking control of your thoughts and feelings is the biggest step you can take in your personal development journey and also your Law of Attraction journey. 

Question 9: What should I write down?

Good one! If you want to manifest a new job: describe how your first day at that particular job felt like. When you want to make 10.000 Dollars a month: describe how it feels to be making that amount of money. 

When you want to manifest love: write down and describe how your life with that person feels like. When you do this you REWIRE yourself completely and when the opportunities arise, you take action and it can all be yours. 

Question 10: What is the difference between journaling and scripting?

Some people confuse journaling and scripting completely. Journaling is writing down what already happened in your life to then reflect on that, so it is essentially all about the past, while scripting is focussed on the future, and you write down what you wish to manifest in your life in the present tense. With journaling you reflect on your life, and with scripting you start to create your future. I hope this makes sense.

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