$100 YouTube Setup for Beginners 2021 (CINEMATIC LOOK!!)

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Tip #1: Have a Good Setting

The first thing I want you to know about creating a professional YouTube setup for beginners is that you need to have a very good setting. When I first started, my setting was all over the place. It was quite a mess. There was so much stuff behind me.

So I believe that people would be distracted when they watch my videos. So what you have to focus on is that YOU are the main point of focus for the viewer. Your face has to be on screen, and it should be very big because that’s the point of focus. 

You don’t want people to be distracted of what’s happening behind you, but you want them to focus on you. I know how scary it is to, to be on camera and to be very close to the camera, but be close to the camera because it’s like talking to a real friend.

Tip #2: Have Good Lighting

The second thing I want you to know about creating a professional huge you’ve set up for beginners is that you can have a very good setup under $100. There is only one thing that makes your videos, video, cinematic, and professional, and that is good video lighting. 

You can buy your own lighting kit at Amazon for as low as 65 bucks. And you have your own setup.

And I use this one from Amazon and it helped me a lot in creating that cinematic view. 

Now you spent $70 and that means you have $30 left to spend. And that is on a Tripod.

What a tripod does is that it creates that stable video. So you don’t have to worry about holding the camera or stacking up some books. Now you have stable video and proper lighting… what’s next. I have to say you have quite a good YouTube setup under $100, but I have some tips for you to make it more expensive and to make it better.

To create a professional video set up for YouTube as a beginner, understand that you can invest in a camera, but it’s not necessary. Let me repeat that. It’s investing, not spending. 

All big YouTubers recommend the Canon EOS M50, because it shoots in ultra HD and has great depth of field. You can even connect it with an iPad to make it your remote. And together with the Canon EOS M50 I use the RodeVideomic Pro. 

Tip #3: Color Grade your Videos

I want to give you one extra tip. And that is that it is very important to color grade your videos. Make sure to do it (I use Adobe premiere pro) because you create a very cinematic look and feel of your videos.


Last but not least: the YouTube video setup won’t make or break your channel. If you don’t have that good camera, it’s fine.

Just focus on getting started because that is what matters. You can invest in better equipment like a better camera, a better microphone and all other tools… but the best advice that I can give you is to just get started. 

The lighting, the setup, they’re all best practices, but when you start your journey begins.

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