3 Tips on how to BEAT the YouTube Algorithm in 2021! (A Beginners Guide)

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I am going to explain how to rank in the YouTube algorithm in 2021! There are 3 criticals things you have to know:

Critical Point #1: Make it Searchable

The first thing you have to know about the YouTube algorithm in 2021 is that when you are a new creator like me, your topics have to be SEARCHABLE!

YouTube is a search engine and it is YouTubes job to bring supply and demand together. People are searching for certain topics on YouTube and it is YOUR job to show up when someone is searching for a specific solution to their problem. Therefore it is key to make your videos highly searchable. Your content is the supply for someone else’s demand. What I would recommend is to download TubeBuddy. With TubeBuddy you can see the exact search volume on the keywords you target.

Tubebuddy is a Free Google Chrome API that lets you see how much competition and search volume there is for your keyword. Something that is very beneficial to know if you want to rank in the YouTube algorithm in 2021!

What we should focus on is topics that are high in demand.

Videos about your life and what you struggled with will not be found.

But what you can do instead is to make videos people are SEARCHING for… to later fill it with what you like to talk about!

Critical Point #2: Have a High CTR

The second thing you have to know about the YouTube algorithm in 2021 is that you need a REALLY GOOD CTR! What is a CTR? It is your Click Through Rate!

If you go to a restaurant and ask the waiter to suggest you a dish and he says:

“This one is not ordered often and the people who DID order didn’t like it.”

The Waiter

YouTube is like the waiter who shows every viewer the menu. And because of YouTube is a business and makes more money when people watch more videos. It wants people to ORDER (CLICK) and to FINISH their dish (Audience Retention).

If you make videos that don’t follow these 2 criteria, the YouTube algorithm won’t promote you in suggested video at all!

When you improve your CTR and double it from 2% to 4%… you have a 100% increase and will have 100% more views. Make people curious by creating a highly clickable thumbnail (5 Tips to Double your CTR).

Make sure it pops and make it vivid and bright…. and remember: Curiosity Earns the Click! Make people want to click on your video by improving the thumbnail and the title.

Critical Point #3: Have a High Retention

The third thing you have to know about the YouTube algorithm in 2021 is that you need a REALLY HIGH audience retention.

YouTube only cares about how much money they are making and are always focussed on how they can make more of it. It is not a search engine but a business. What YouTube wants is to keep people as LONG as they can on their platform.


Because billions of dollars are spend on ads that your viewers have to watch. And therefore YouTube only promotes videos in suggested and places them higher in search if they have a high audience retention, so YouTube can make the most money.

If we take a look at the restaurant where you asked the waiter to suggest his best meal… he would always suggest something many people order (CLICK ON) and FINISH (watch). Because then the changes of you being happy are the highest and you might come back. This is the same for YouTube. A good audience retention is around 40% or higher. Definitely not the audience retention of my previous mindset videos.

Power Tip: Algorithmic Shutdown

Okay… I have one more power tip for you about how to YouTube algorithm works and it is somewhat an algorithm hack.

Let me explain…

If people CLICK on your video and there is a high drop-off of watchers in the beginning of your video… you tell the YouTube algorithm that your video is not high quality.

This is an example…

People clicked on my video and they dropped off immediately, and it told the YouTube algorithm that my video was clickbait, even though it wasn’t, and that the quality is bad… and therefore that video got an algorithmic shutdown… and it landed on the bottom of the big search pool.

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