5 Tips How to become an Influencer 2021 (Don’t make my mistakes)

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In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about how to become an influencer in 2021. 

“Wouter, why? You don’t have many followers yet…”

But I want to say to you that 6 months ago I felt lost in life, wanted to share my story but didn’t know how and was so afraid… and now I share my story on a small scale, and I KNOW that many of you actually want to begin with sharing your own content and build an audience as well. 

And before you apply all the growth hacks from all the guru’s, you FIRST need a rock-solid mindset in place. 

So, by the end of this video you’ll learn the exact 5 tips you need to have in place in order to become an influencer in 2021. 

Tip 1: Find your Why

The first tip on how to become an influencer in 2021 is that you HAVE to find your WHY. What is your BIGGEST motivation to become an influencer? The biggest misconception people have is that people think that when you become an influencer, you only have to post some pictures about your life, make a video and you are done, but that is completely FALSE. 

Being an influencer is hard work and consistency and persistency are always looking you strait in the face. This is the point: when you only want to become an influencer for the money and attention, you have already lost the game. Just don’t start. 

Because you will have many roadblocks in place, and it will be harder than you might think. Being an influencer seems easy, but it is not, the market is saturated. You ONLY succeed when you connect to your why. 

For example: I make videos to help people like you with boosting your mindset and creating a better life, and that motivates me. Also making videos helps me open up, because I am quite an introvert. And also because I am Dutch I practice my English, because when I started my English sounded like crap.

So have a strong WHY, which means HAVE a big and profound reason why you want to become an influencer. If it is all about yourself, you won’t succeed. You have to contribute to others and the bigger the contribution the more the Universe will give back to you. And if you felt lost like me, always look within yourself. 

What are your hobbies? 
What do you like? 

And if you say that you feel meaningless, have no hobbies and only have problems… good! Your wounds can become your superpower. 

When I started on YouTube I wanted to help people overcome with depression, because I have been very depressed myself. If you were anorexic, teach other people how to overcome it. Many people are waiting for your stories, they need you. And that is quite a mind shift but all your experienced are GOLD and you can use it to help others. 

Point 2: Prepare for Rejection

The second tip on how to become an influencer in 2021 is that you HAVE to prepare yourself for rejection. When you first start out, you have 2 kinds of people in your environment.

Type number 1: OMG Wouter, SO-FREAKING-COOL! Where can I subscribe, how can I support you and I am SO proud of you, the world has been waiting for a person like you!

Type number 2: Wouter, Dude! You literally believe you can make a difference in this saturated market? Nobody is waiting for what you have to say, I don’t believe you are ashaming yourself online, it’s horrible.

You will notice these 2 types of people and the first type is great, they motivate and support you, but you also have type number 2. And I had those people as well. They tried to bring me down, to keep me away from doing this, said I should be careful and didn’t like whatever I said online. 

To overcome the fear of rejection I made a powerful video with 5 sick tips on how to overcome it so make sure you watch it after this one. So… be prepared for the rejection and don’t let it influence your plans. 

Point 3: Overcome Beliefs

The third tip on how to become an influencer in 2021 is that you should prepare yourself for the imposter syndrome. When you first start out with making video, your life will feel like a rollercoaster.

I wanted to appear perfect, but guess what? After a few months you stop caring about that. The first time you stand in front of a camera it doesn’t feel natural and all limiting beliefs come up. 

“I am not a video person, I have nothing valuable to say, nobody likes my face…”

YES those pop up as well.” But it is nothing more than your MIND who tries to stop you from going into the unknown, because it likes the known. Your mind wants what is familiar and doesn’t like the unfamiliar, and guess what… sharing your story online and becoming an influencer is unfamiliar and the unknown.

But you can overcome these beliefs quite easily, because when you become aware of them 90% of the work is done… and then fill your mind with the right affirmations.



Point 4: Be Authentic

The fourth tip on how to become an influencer in 2021 is BE AUTHENTIC!! 

People don’t like perfect people, because they aren’t perfect themselves. People love other people who share the same struggles, problems, cry about the same things and laugh about the same things. We want EMOTION and a great story. 

And I thought about that as well and as a former depressed person I thought

“How on earth could I have a great story?”

But it is all about sharing your valley journey, from where you were during your darkest days and what you had to overcome to be where you are today. It is a story you craft and the people you want to serve are somewhere in that valley. 

Become authentic and don’t be afraid to share your story. Be vulnerable, intimate and know that the more open you are about who you are and your struggles, the more people will connect with you. 

Point 5: Keep Learning

The fifth tip on how to become an influencer in 2021 is that you NEED TO KEEP LEARNING! When we graduated from school we all have the limiting belief that learning is boring, takes a long time and doesn’t pay itself off, but when you read the books that you are interested in, it is AMAZING how your life becomes after self-educating yourself. 

When you want to teach health and nutrition or mindset, just read books about that topic because the more you know the more you can help others and the better you become. And influencers who stop learning, stop growing. 

When I started with this journey of sharing my story, I thought I just had to put up a video and everything would go well, but I got a slap in my face when I put my first video live.

I discovered that I had to learn YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Mailchimp, Coaching, Content Creation and SO much more! You will feel overwhelmed but don’t freak out and just keep learning.

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