5 Tips to Manifest Love with the Law of attraction (Ready for Love?!)

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In today’s blog I want to share my law of attraction routine I used to manifest love into my life.

The biggest misconception is that the law of attraction is like using magic and chanting but I hope to make with this website that it is not magical at all and that everyone can use it.

Understanding how it works is important because it can cost you a lot of money, love and abundance when you don’t know how to use the techniques you’ll discover right now. 

When all of your friends get into relationships and you stay behind, that is not fun. Of course, I am happy for them, but when all of your friends are in a happy relationship and you are still alone, it is quite painful.

And even though I am in a happy relationship right now, there was a time when I was so deeply desperate, that I was doubting every little thing about myself. I never had a relationship, until I started using a scripting routine and the law of attraction to manifest love into my life. 

Step 1: Alpha Waves

Scripting is by far one of the most powerful law of attraction tools you can implement to get what you want. What you can do is to buy a journal somewhere and write your dreams on paper or open up a word document.

My handwriting is too bad, so I prefer the last. 

And when you have your journal you put the date on top of your page, which is the date you wish to manifest your dream and then write out all the specifics beneath that. 

Don’t worry what I mean, just read the rest of the blog and it will become clear. 

Why I script in the morning is because we all are in an alpha brainwave. You have all kinds of brainwaves (from Delta to Beta brainwaves) but in the morning when you just wake up and feel a little bit sleepy you are in alpha.

When you are at an alpha level of mind the door to the subconscious mind is a little bit more open.

Because your life is controlled by around 95% of your subconscious mind, we want to reprogram that part of your mind. That is why you should script in the morning. 

Step 2: A Clear Intention

The second thing that is crucial is to have a clear intention. 

On April 14th 1912 the Titanic hit an iceberg. It was freezing and the ship was sinking at a rapid rate, so they needed help. So what did they do? 

They sent out a signal, Morse Code, in the hope of signalling other ships they were in need of something. 

Morse Code, radically new back then, consists of some short and long beeps. What if the Titanic decided to send out some random beeps?

Nobody could understand the message that they were in need and nobody would come. But when they decided to be extremely specific about the message, other ships new they had to come and help them. 

What I am trying to say is that you emit a frequency and a message every day whether you are asleep or awake. Your thoughts are things that radiate out of you. The more specific you are in what you want, the clearer your vibration will be.

You don’t have a chaos vibration but a clear and pure vibration, because you are specific about what you want. 

Because you want to manifest love, write out the specific of the person you would like to manifest. 

What is their appearance? 
What are they hobbies? 
Values? What do they like? 

The more specific you get and the more you focus on that the more you will start to see those people in the world. If you want to manifest a blonde girl with blue eyes, every time you see her, you start to ask yourself “is that her?” And then you take action and then… who knows what happens. 

Loving relationship law of attraction

Step 3: Emotion

Now it is time for the practical work. You just woke up in the morning, grabbed your journal, and you write down your title “August 17th2021” and write out the things you want to manifest. It can be a story in the day of your life a year ahead, affirmations or just a general summary.

How I applied this routine to manifest love is to grab my journal and write out that I was grateful for being in a healthy relationship with someone I deeply loved. That I loved the fact we had weekly date nights, fun things to do and that I had someone who cared about me. 

Even though I had no relationship at all, I was grateful for having it. What happens is that you trick your mind into believing you already have love, and you rewire yourself to feel loving thoughts and to have loving feelings.

More love will show up in your life, because you attract who you are. 

When you script everything out in the future, understand that emotion is the most important attractor there is. Your thoughts are just the intention, the Amazon order, but you attract what you feel.

Don’t write down that you are desperate and want a girlfriend, because you act out of scarcity and lack. Write out of love, joy and gratitude, because it is a high vibration which causes rapid results. 

Step 4: Date Stamp

The fourth tip in this routine to use scripting and the law of attraction is to be very specific about the date you want to manifest your dream. Now you are certain you want to manifest a relationship: put a date stamp on it so the Universe knows when you want to have it.

When you order something on Amazon you can choose when you want the postman to deliver the package. 

Is it prime delivery? Or do you not care? 

Amazon won’t give you prime okay? 

Put a date stamp on it because I don’t want you to meet the love of your life when you are 87 years old, but very soon. Put a date stamp it and the subconscious mind will find ways to achieve and attract the things you want, because it is a powerful machine.

Step 5: Let Go and Surrender

Now you have written out your future, put a date stamp on it and are grateful for the fact that it is already in your life… it is time to let it go and surrender to the process.

I don’t mean that you shouldn’t think about it anymore, in fact you can script every morning if you want, but script as long as until you believe you already received, because it is not the scripting that does the work but the feelings it generates within you.

As soon as you have the feeling, it is time to let go. 

Don’t call Amazon every twenty minutes to ask if your order has arrived yet, because they are too busy already and it will slow down the process.

When you set out your specific intention, feel grateful for already having it, you will start to see those blonde girls or those guys. 

Were these people always around you? 


Were you always around them. No. 

But now you focus on what you want by using scripting, more love will come. 

Wish you an amazing future!

– Wouter

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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