5 TIPS to raise your vibration quickly! (Don’t waste time!)

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In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about the law of attraction: how to raise your vibration to manifest quickly.

By the end of this blogpost you’ll learn 5 exact things you can do to raise your vibration to manifest your dreams.

Tip 1: Exercise

The first tip on how to raise your vibration to manifest quickly is to exercise. Do you know what happens when you put a glass of water on a table and keep it there for a day, a week or longer? 

The water dies

The same is true for an aquarium. Without a pomp to keep the water moving all the fish die. 

Your body is composed for 60% out of water and your brain is even composed for 75% out of water. Do you know where I am getting?

Sitting is the new smoking and when you sit on a chair from 9-5 you become dull as well. Your creativity flows away, you become irritated, frustrated annoyed, and your vibe becomes SO LOW.

Like water has to keep moving, you should keep moving as well. 

Do yoga, fitness or any other exercise to keep all the fluids moving through your body. Also, going to the gym is SO good for your vibe, because when you finish a tough workout all kinds of feel good hormones flush through your veins which make your day amazing. 

That is why I prefer to sport in the morning, because I benefit from the “I have done my workout feeling and I’m proud” the whole day long. And if you say that you don’t have time for workout because you are at work or somewhere else. Just take a walk, do 20 squats or push-ups and you feel better almost instantly. 

And if you really want to take this to the next level, decide to do your workout in nature. There is a reason why most people go to nature when they feel down, angry or sad… it is because nature has a perfect vibration. It is calming and all the energies of nature bring you back into balance. Nature calms and cleanses your mind. 

Tip 2: Read a Book

The second tip on how to raise your vibration to manifest quickly is to read books. How you experience the world is all dependant on your models of reality. And you have thousands of models, but most of them are very outdated. 

An example of a mental model is “I am not good enough for love, or I don’t amount to anything good.” And these metal models can make your experience here on earth terrible.

But when you were born these models weren’t there… they were installed during your early years as a kid. So… if you aren’t born with those models… you must have learned them… which means you can UNLEARN them. 

When you read books, you download information that can change your way of viewing the world. It can cause you to destroy or create a mental model. The biggest paradigm shift I ever had was after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” from Robert Kiyosaki during high school. 

And you know what they teach you in high school: graduate with good grades, study and get a job. There was no other way of making money for me… until I read that book and implemented a new model of reality. 

And if I may share with you some amazing books that will raise your vibe, or your energy, before you even read the first page: read the books of David Hawkins. And especially his two books “Power vs Force” and Letting Go”. If you want the best info, make sure to watch my video about Power vs Force. 


Tip 3: Visualisation

The third tip on how to raise your vibration to manifest quickly is about visualisation. Having a clear vision for my life and becoming clear about what it is what I want made me SO enthusiastic during the day!

During my depression I never wanted to start my day, but now I have a clear purpose and mission I wake up very early in the morning to work on that mission full of enthusiasm and love. 

Love for helping others and becoming a better version of myself. And creative visualisation was a big part of that. 

Therefore Lifebook by Mindvalley was a very useful tool for that. With Lifebook I created a big vision for my life with many strategies to realize that vision. Another amazing way of creating a vision for your life is to listen to your most favourite song right in the morning and visualising where you want to be in the future. 

Music is nothing more than vibration, or energy, and it can change your feeling instantly. It can make you cry, laugh or joyful… so listen to your most favourite songs and visualise where you want to be and suddenly a feeling of love floods through your veins. 

Tip 4: Gratitude Routine

The fourth tip on how to raise your vibration is to have a gratitude routine in place. When you wake up, don’t grab your phone and rush of to work… but sit for 5 minutes… close your eyes and name a few things you were really grateful for recently. 

A dinner with friends? Visiting your grandma? Eating a chocolate cookie? Meeting with your best friend? 

Place your hand on your heart and feel the gratitude, don’t just name things, but feel it. And when you feel a sense of luck and love… THEN you are ready to start your day and you kick-off your day in the best optimal way. 

And if you want to write down everything you were grateful for: I have an amazing gratitude journal you can use that will help you to raise your vibration fast. Just make sure to check the description of this video. 

Tip 5: Let Go

The fifth tip on how to raise your vibration to manifest quickly is to let go. 

Let go of what, Wouter? 

I mean letting go of so many things you get angry on all the time. That annoying slow driver in front of you that might be a 80 year old man who tries his best to drive his wife to the hospital. That person who criticises you, while he is extremely insecure about himself? 

Those things. 

See life through the eyes of innocence and love. I believe people are loving creatures from their core, but for some people many “wrong” models of reality were downloaded during childhood and therefore they act differently. 

Also, when people are mean to you, it has more to do about them than about you. I was bullied in the past, but I now realized that it was the bully who was hurt and not me.

Bullies bring others down because they are extremely insecure about themselves. And that makes them more like a victim than you. What I try to say is just don’t get angry about everything, but see life out of the eyes of compassion and innocence.

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