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About Wouter

Even though people know Wouter nowadays as an energetic and vibrant person who inspires thousands of people on YouTube to unleash their potential, there was a time a time when he was so severely depressed… that he almost tried to end his life. There was a time when he felt so alone, forgotten and weak, that the question arose “Is it worth it to move on?”

And when he asked that question, a small voice inside him whispered that his time had not yet come. Did he pass the difficult training the Universe has given him? Wouter took all of his energy to embark on a self development journey and after he discovered the tools that created his powerful mindset, he made it his mission to help coaches and freelancers to build their online business using YouTube.

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It is my Mission to help you

Building a YouTube Business

I believe most people keep themselves way too small. Many of us are not realizing our full potential, which makes us feel unfulfilled, unimportant or even depressed.

I help people like you to stand in their greatness by showing yourself on YouTube. When people start on YouTube their confidence and worth in the marketplace skyrockets, and they can finally realize their full potential and inspire people all over the world.

If people show themselves on YouTube, they will create a life of meaning, inspiration and fulfillment.

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What I believe

“I know that most people keep themselves small and are fearful to stand in their greatness. But I believe that every human being has the right to share his message with the world, and am therefore committed to help people like you to share their message on YouTube, so you become the inspiration for others.”

My Story


The Decline

I was born in 1998 in the South of the Netherlands. From the moment I was born I had various diseases and allergies, which made me believe that being sick and tired were part of life. A sick body creates a sick mind and vice versa. This meant that the negative energy that was within me began to affect my surroundings. Life felt hard and taking and a long period of anxiety and loneliness entered by life. Being an outsider made me vulnerable for attacks from others, and I became a victim for the bullies. Those years I felt so alone until it felt like I was the only person on the world.

Severe Depression

The darkness entered my life at a rapid rate. People told me I was dumb, not good enough and should study on the lowest possible level. There wasn’t much in me, right? Life felt so dark, lonely and cold… until I believed it would be better to end it.


Helping People to show themselves online

After I entered the abyss and felt like this was the end of my life, a small ray of light got my attention. Something inside of me asked me not to give up. I wanted to ignore it, until it made me clear that I should make it my mission to help people with overcoming their fears of being seen, so they could share their greatness. Many years of self development followed and I decided to fulfill that purpose. 

Learn how to Attract Clients

I understand how hard it is to start an online coaching business and desperately wait for clients to come in. The FREE TubeCreator Masterclass helped dozens of people with using YouTube to build their online business using YouTube.