3 Easy Steps to Calm Down Your Anxiety (Under 5 Minutes)

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This is the most powerful guide to calm your anxiety extremely fast.

In this guide, you’ll learn what you should do whenever you feel anxious.

The best part? It only contains 3 steps!

Let’s dive right in!

Why is my response to anxiety important?

Overcoming your anxiety is never about the absence of anxious sensations. It’s never about finding ways to not experience anxiety again. And it is not about making sure that you’ll feel calmer in the future.

Healing your anxiety means that you have to learn how to be comfortable in your anxious discomfort. This sounds strange, right? You want to overcome anxiety because the feeling sucks, but now you hear me say that you should just be comfortable with anxiety.

I feel your frustration!

But that’s not what I mean, so don’t throw this short article away.

The difference between someone who stays anxious forever, and someone who heals from anxiety is that the person who heals from anxiety always has his response to anxious sensations under the spotlight.

When you feel anxious, you can respond with anger and frustration… or with compassion and allowance.

When you respond with frustration you’re just adding more fuel to the fire. You create the exact emotions that your anxiety thrives on. It makes your anxiety worse and feel more scary. This actually means that you have a fear of fearful sensations. And therefore you try to resist your anxiety, which causes a lot of friction!

Or you can use the 3-step response (The PAU Response) and make sure you don’t fuel your anxiety.

Whenever you feel anxious, you should use the response you are about to learn. It will not fuel your anxiety but makes sure you allow the anxiety to be present, without freaking out or making the symptoms worse. This results in your body getting back in balance.

This means that when you feel anxiety, or put yourself wilfully in anxious situations, you respond in a way that shows your anxiety you’re fine, because resisting it with forestation shows your anxiety that you are in danger… which makes the anxiety worse.

When you use this new approach, you’ll notice that you start to feel comfortable when anxiety hits, instead of freaking out. You become comfortable in your anxious discomfort. And the more you show your anxiety that anxiety is nothing to be fearful of… the less intense your anxiety will be in the future.

And when you also work on the causes of your anxiety… your healing can happen sooner than you think!

Let’s start with the PAU Response!

Step #1: Point

As I told you in the introduction, it’s important to be comfortable in your anxious discomfort. This means that the next time you feel anxious, you’ll use the following 3-step response to eliminate your fear of fear… which decreases the intensity of your anxiety a lot.

Let’s use the following example: getting anxious when you are in the supermarket.

When you feel anxious for no reason, or place yourself in a situation that causes anxiety (like the supermarket), you’ll probably feel many anxious sensations. This could be a headache, derealisation, feeling on edge or simply a lot of worrying about the situation.

When you feel the anxiety, I want you to visualise a little man inside of your brain.

We call this small man Mr. Anxiety. This small man tries to protect you from danger and causes you to feel anxious. He loves you so much that he tries to do everything to keep you safe. Whenever he thinks you are in danger, he pulls a lever to give you a shot of adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones cause most of your anxious symptoms.

From now on, whenever you feel anxious symptoms or feel anxious in general… I want you to say the following:

“Oh… it’s just Mr. Anxiety.”

You literally point towards that little man inside your head. He is responsible for all your symptoms. You can just blame him to give your mind the cause of your anxiety.

This helps to quiet your mind, because it now knows the cause of the anxiety. Just point to Mr. Anxiety and go to the next step.

Step #2: Allow

The second step of the PAU Response is “allow”. For your entire life you believed that if you resisted things long enough, they would go away. Especially with emotions, no-one told you how to successfully deal with them. You pushed them away and resisted them, often without being aware of it.

When you feel anxious and resist your anxious sensations, all you do is create more friction in your body. You try to fight it and repress it until it creates so much anger and frustration that it completely backfires. You just made the anxiety a lot worse.

Responding with allowance is the key to easing and eventually healing your anxiety. Don’t skip this step, because this is extremely important if you want to heal.

Let’s use the supermarket example from step 1 again. If you go to the supermarket and feel anxiety creeping in, I don’t want you to respond with resistance and anger.

Don’t say: “I shouldn’t feel this. Why do I feel this? This is just a supermarket for god sake!”

But I want you to respond with this:

“Oh, it’s just Mr. Anxiety. He wants me to feel anxious and I allow the anxiety to manifest in my body.”

You drop all resistance and allow the anxiety to do what it wants. Resisting it doesn’t work, but allowance does, even if this seems counterintuitive. Just allow the anxiety to go through your body and tell yourself it’s okay! Let it make your throat feel tight if it wants. Let it make you feel on edge. Let the anxiety do what it wants, because it will always win… but now with less anger and intensity.

When you used step 1 and step 2… it’s time for step 3!

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Step #3: Use

Did you know that feelings of excitement and feelings of anxiety are actually the same? They are both aroused states where your heart beats faster and you are filled with adrenaline. The only thing that determines if you’re feeling excited or anxious is your interpretation of the feeling.

That’s why some people love rollercoasters, while others start to panic by the release of adrenaline.

This is your response so far: when you were feeling anxious, you pointed to Mr. Anxiety for all your anxious sensations. It was his fault and you now know the cause. The second thing you did was allowing all anxiety to manifest itself in the way it wanted. But now you are at the third step, which is using the aroused energy to do something productive.

What would non-anxious you do? Use the aroused energy that’s in your body and use it to do what non-anxious you would do. This sounds difficult and you probably need to practice with it, but it is the key to reclaiming your freedom.

Say to yourself that you are excited and remind yourself of something you’re currently looking forward to and are excited for. Because then your mind interprets this feeling in a new way. It now thinks you’re excited for the thing you just came up with.

The next time you feel anxious, I want you to use the PAU response. You POINT towards anxiety when you feel it, you ALLOW the anxiety to manifest itself in whatever way it wants and you USE the aroused energy to do what non-anxious you would do, while thinking about what you’re looking forward to.

This approach will eliminate your fear of fear over time. It will radically ease your anxiety, which makes it easier to practice putting yourself in anxious situations.


Healing yourself from anxiety doesn’t mean never experiencing anxious sensations again… it means becoming comfortable with experiencing anxiety. And after you eliminate your fear of fearful sensations… you go to the root and try to work on the causes of your anxiety. Resisting your anxiety causes unnecessary friction, which only makes healing anxiety more difficult.

The sooner you learn how to allow the anxiety to manifest and how to turn it into excitement, the sooner you’ll heal yourself. The energy you once used to get angry and frustrated, can now be used to start living and work on the causes of your anxiety.

First, you eliminate the fear of anxiety, then you work on reducing your anxiety.

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Author: Wouter Manders

Wouter is a mindset coach from The Netherlands. For many years he suffered from depression and anxiety. It gave him the motivation to coach people on overcoming their anxiety, out of first hand experience. With more than 6000 blog visitors a month he helps many people on their road to having less anxiety.

About Wouter

Wouter is a mindset coach from The Netherlands. For many years he suffered from depression and anxiety. It gave him the motivation to coach people on freeing themselves from anxiety. With more than 6000 blog visitors a month he helps many people on their journey towards less anxiety.

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