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For my anxiety program I used Everwebinar to sell my courses. EverWebinar is a webinar software, with which you can easily create your own webinars. In this review I share the pros and cons of EverWebinar including a special discount code for a 30 day trial.

What is Everwebinar?

EverWebinar is a platform that allows you to easily host your own webinars. Via EverWebinar you can automate your recorded webinars in a few steps. As a result, you no longer have to present live, but you can automate the entire process. Via EverWebinar you can tailor your webinars to your liking. This also means that you can set up the reminder emails, the post webinar emails,, but also add advanced live elements such as polls, chats and promote products.

Features Everwebinar

EverWebinar has a few very powerful features that make it a must to use:

1. Webinar scheduling: You can set very quickly when your webinar should be available and when people can watch it.
2. Evergreen: You can convert your live WebinarJam webinar to an EverWebinar within a few clicks, after which it will be on evergreen.
3. Live Chat: You can simulate live chat, but also respond to all messages live.
4. Polls & Surveys: You can make your webinars even more dynamic by adding polls and surveys to your webinars.
5. Split Testing: You can also split test registration pages via the Split Testing tool, so that you know which page performs best.
6. Analytics: You have access to advanced analytics. To measure is to know and that is especially true for webinars. You can see how high your attendance is, your conversion and retention at the webinars.

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EverWebinar Korting

Benefits Everwebinar

EverWebinar has a few very big advantages over the competition:

1. Professional appearance
One of the biggest advantages of EverWebinar is that all pages, templates and visual aspects are very well designed. As a result, the people who watch the webinar also have a professional experience.

2. Easy to use
Another advantage of EverWebinar is that it is extremely easy to use. You have your webinar live in just 10 steps and you don’t need any technical knowledge for this.

3. Live Elements
This advantage is really useful. You can even add live elements to your webinar. Think of moods, chats, announcements and products. This makes the webinar experience a lot more dynamic.

4. Powerful emails
EverWebinar has a powerful notification system at its disposal. As a result, your leads will no longer forget to attend the webinar. For example, you can send pre-webinar emails and post-webinar emails to ensure that your viewers also take action.

5. Price
The other advantage is the price. Even though the amount for EverWebinar seems very high, this is of course negligible when you calculate how many products you have to sell to break even. This is also the reason I purchased EverWebinar.

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Disadvantages Everwebinar

Of course, every platform also has its drawbacks. I personally feel that EverWebinar has two drawbacks:

1.Split Testing
Actually, the biggest drawback is that split testing does not always work well. This tool works great when you use the registration pages of EverWebinar itself, but I use my own registration page. When I want to split-test these two, no data comes in. If you do not use your own pages, this disadvantage is of course not applicable.

2. Testing
The second drawback of EverWebinar is that sometimes testing does not always work properly. I would like to test the webinar look & feel before I put it live. I would prefer to see a test mode, where I can test it easily and quickly. Now I need to duplicate the webinar and then test it. This is not a major drawback of EverWebinar, but I wanted to mention it anyway.

Everwebinar Discount

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EverWebinar is a powerful platform that allows you to easily host your own webinars. It is easy to use, has powerful functions and has a very good price/quality ratio. I recommend the platform to anyone who wants to use webinars to sell their products to their target audience.

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