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YouTube is WAY more difficult than you might think. It is not just recording a video. In this workshop I'll explain the basics of the YouTube algorithm and how you can rank higher to get more views and clients.


When you want to position your business to a younger audience, Instagram is your platform. In this workshop I'll teach the basics of content creation and how you can convert your followers to customers.

Social Media

Do you find it difficult to get started on social media? To position yourself correctly? In this workshop I'll co-create a social media strategy with you according to industry standards to kick-start your social media journey.

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About Wouter

Even though people know Wouter nowadays as an energetic and vibrant person who inspires thousands of people on Youtube to unleash their potential, there was a time a time when he was so severely depressed… that he almost tried to end his life. There was a time when he felt so alone, forgotten and weak, that the question arose “Is it worth it to move on?”

And when he asked that question, a small voice inside him whispered that his time had not yet come. Did he pass the difficult training the Universe has given him? Wouter took all of his energy to embark on a self development journey and after he discovered the tools that created his powerful mindset, he made it his mission to help people and businesses to show themselves on Social Media to make an extraordinary impact

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