HATE COMMENTS… Here’s how I deal with them!

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HATE COMMENTS… Here’s how I deal with them!

After this blog, you no longer give anything about hate comments.

Tip #1: Internal Validation

The first tip I got for you is to validate yourself internally, you have to stop right now to seek validation outside of yourself! Never determine your self-worth, based on the number of views you got, the number of subscribers you’ve got and the compliments of other people. Please… validate yourself internally. You determine your own worth and not someone else. And the more you seek out of yourself, the more vulnerable you become. 

Tip #2 Change the voices

There is another thing that you should do to stop your extreme susceptibility to hate. And don’t laugh about what I’m going to share, because works. This technique I learned from Marisa Peer, one of the most famous NLP and mindset coaches in the entire world. She says to change the negative voices that are living inside of your head, to the ones of Donald Duck or another character. So you take them less serious. And of course, you can do this for hate comments. 

Tip #3: People can only do 2 things

There’s one more invaluable tip that I want to share with you. When Karen Cranberry Anonymous reacts to your video and comments:

“Your face doesn’t deserve to be on YouTube.”

Karen Cranberry Anonymous

Understand the following. 

People can only do two things to make themselves feel better. They can elevate themselves or bring you down. What is the most easy thing to do? To bring you down! And that’s unfortunately, what most people do. They bring you down. When people comment hate under your video, they have a lot of hate inside of themselves that they want to express. They feel insecure and they look up to you because you are higher up. So what can they do? They can bring you down or elevate them themselves. Most people don’t work on themselves, so they try to bring you down. 

Okay… if your biggest inspiration that you look up to says that your face doesn’t deserve to be on YouTube. Yes… I would take that personally and feel very hurt.

But if Karen Cranberry Anonymous says that… I don’t care. 

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