How to get your FIRST 100 Subscribers in ONE WEEK 2021 (FAST!)

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Tip #1: Send a Whatsapp Broadcast Message

The first step on how to get 100 subscribers in one week is to send all your contacts a WhatsApp broadcast. Especially in the beginning: as many people as possible should subscribe to your channel because you are not known. 

And of course you might be a little bit afraid to ask your neighbors or uncle to subscribe to your channel because it is something new for them. Especially in the beginning, you have a lot of fear and it is a fear of failure because you don’t want everyone to watch how you might fail (even though that won’t happen). 

Tip #2: Join Facebook Groups

The second tip on how to get your first 100 subscribers in one week is to join relevant Facebook groups. Facebook groups are great, because you can interact with people from all over the world. 

Those groups in your specific niche are amazing, because you can interact with people who might be interested in your channel. So go to that group, share your knowledge and see how people engage and go to your YouTube channel for more information.

Then you provide value in the group and people engage.

Tip #3: Use Instagram

The third tip on how to get your first 100 subscribers in one week is to use Instagram. Your friends are more supportive than you might think. 

You have so many friends and supporters on Instagram. So many people who really believe that you can do it. You have to use Instagram to direct all those people to your YouTube videos, post in your stories. When you upload a video post something on your timeline and EVERY time you upload a video, promote it.

Tip #4: Be a Commenting Machine

Fourth tip on how to get your first 100 subscribers in one week is to comment like crazy. Especially in the beginning. This helps a lot because you are not well known. For at least one week I commented every morning under the videos of already established YouTubers, because then all those people saw my comments and went to my own videos.

Every time a YouTube in your niche uploads a video, go to the video… comment and watch how people go to your channel and interact with you. Say something nice about the creator, something you admire about him, something you like about him, or how his content helped you. And that gets a lot of respect. Don’t spam those creators… give them compliments.

Tip #5: Create Highly Clickable Thumbnails

The fifth tip on how to get your first 100 subscribers in one week is to create highly clickable thumbnails. YouTube promotes videos that have a high CTR (click through rate) and a good audience retention. 

Because if people click on your video and they watch it till the end, you show YouTube that your video is good quality. That’s why you need a high CTR and a good audience retention to show up in suggested and rank higher on search. 

I have a few tips for your thumbnail: Make your face very big, boost the saturation and contrast and make it a very bright and vivid image… because people on smaller screens should be able to view it.

And make it curious… because curiosity earns the click. 

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