How to Grow on YOUTUBE Organically 2021 (Grow 240% FASTER!)

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Do you want to know how to grow on YouTube organically?

Step #1: Make a Bingeable Channel

The first step on how to grow on YouTube organically is to make a bingeable channel. You watch game of Thrones because every episode fits perfectly onto the next one and you watch Prison break because every episode fits perfectly on the next one.

Every great series in history is bingeable and how you should think about your own channel is to make it bingeable as well. You have to create your own Netflix series or YouTube series that people want to watch episode after the episode. Create your own series of around eight episodes and every time that season is finished, see how you can improve your videos. Because improvement is key.

Step #2: Be Very Vulnerable

The second tip on how to grow on YouTube organically is to be vulnerable. The more you open up to people, the more people open up to you. The more you talk about your struggles, your obstacles, your goals and your dreams, the more likely people are to show this as well. People are very private until YOU become less private.

Be yourself. Really be yourself because then people will connect.

Step #3: Double down on What Works

The third tip on how to grow on YouTube organically is to double down on what works. What doubling down means is that you make extra videos about content topics that work. Every month you should analyze your channel and identify what topics worked, and you skip everything that didn’t work and make more videos about what worked for six months.

YouTube is like a marked validation tool. When you upload a video, you can let YouTube do the validation. It perfectly shows you what videos are high in demand and what is not in demand.

Step #4: Improvement is for the Winners

The fourth tip on how to grow a YouTube channel organically in 2021 is that you should continuously improve your videos. After every month you reflect and analyze how your videos performed. See how you can improve your CTR (your click through rate) and make sure to keep it around 2% to 6% or higher. Improve your thumbnails, make them pop and make your titles more clickable. Just know that curiosity earns the click.

And also… focus on your audience retention! Your attention rates should be around 40% or higher. When it is below the 30% you show YouTube that your content is not good quality and it will not be promoted.

So a high CTR and a high audience retention are the keys to the golden kingdom.

Step #5: Have a Vision & Mission

The fifth tip on how to grow on YouTube organically in 2021 is to have a vision and a mission for your channel. Just know that when you start on YouTube, it is a marathon, not a sprint.

You have to know how many times you are going to upload every week. And also: don’t act out of fear. Don’t be anxious. Don’t be frustrated. Have fun along the way, because it is such a fun journey. I was stressed about growing on YouTube every day for six months, but it wasn’t fun. Focus on the journey outcome.

Power Tip: Make your videos Searchable

My final power tip is to make your videos searchable. People are not interested in you. Not yet. They are interested in how you can help them survive and thrive. Make content that helps people with solving their problems. And after you build an audience, you can just talk more about your own story.

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