4 Ways to Reinvent Yourself After The Pandemic

Last year was a tough year for many of us and whether you watch this DURING the pandemic or post pandemic… I want to share with you 4 powerful ways to turn your post pandemic life into a success. 

I dind’t come up with these ways myself… but you’ll find out soon where they came from.

How terrible I felt during the pandemic

Because YOU and I always tell each other the truth, I also want to share with you that I went to a psychologist last year, because I lost myself completely.

It felt like I was in a dark place, somewhere underground… where I couldn’t see any light, couldn’t find help and felt crippling feelings of anxiety and I was scared, because I thought things would never get any better again.

I lost many of my friends during the pandemic, felt extremely isolated, was beating myself up for not achieving my goals and lost someone that was very close to me. 

So, I decided to look for help, even though I didn’t want to… and a few weeks later got professional help from a very friendly psychologist who helped me to see my qualities, but also helped me see how I made it hard for myself. 

Together she helped me overcome perfectionism, fear of failure and handed me THE tools to transform my life from depression and anxiety to where I am today. 

I got my own apartment and live together with my girlfriend, got a small coaching business, started a YT channel to help others win their mental game… and most importantly… my anxiety and depression went away.

It was difficult, but the tools that the psychologist gave me I want to hand to you, to turn your post pandemic life into a success and help you get closer to the life you dream off.

TOOL #1: Build a clear vision

The first tool that my psychologist shared with me was the power of having a clear vision for your life.

What are your wildest dreams? If anything was possible how would your life look like? Would you travel the world? 

Start an online business or work at your favourite company? There is NO right or wrong, only what makes your heart beat faster (but not too fast, that’s dangerous).

The point of setting a bright vision for your life, is because dreams give meaning to your life. It makes your life worth living and obstacles worth fighting for. 

Motivational speaker Robin Sharma said:

“Everything is created twice… first in the mind, then in reality.”

Before you can rebuilt your life, you first need a dream about what you want… and it is a lot of fun to do! Don’t panic or be scared, because you don’t know what you want… just daydream about it and see the general direction.

You don’t need to know that you want to be a professional singer, but knowing you love to sing is enough to take the first step.

If it feels like your life doesn’t have a bright outlook, listen to your heart and find out what you want.  

TOOL #2: Win your mental game

The second tool my psychologist gave me to rebuilt my life, was that I had to take back control of my mind.

Let me explain how to take back control! During one of the coaching sessions I had with her the following happened.

I said: “Every time I make videos, I am so anxious and scared.”

Then she was silent for a few seconds and she asked: “why?

Me: “Because I feel like I have to perform.”

Then she asked: “why” again

Me: “Because if I don’t perform I get rejected.”

And then I came to the core of my “problem” which was that I was scared of rejection… and then she told me: “every time you make a video, tell yourself that you make them for yourself, that your videos are a success if you like them and you’ll always be OK.”

So I did and the anxiety was almost gone.

What I want to say to you is that if you change the words you tell yourself and also change the pictures that you make in your head, you can take back control of your mind.

Because your mind responds to only those 2 things: words and pictures. 

When you try to take back control of your mind, first become aware of what’s going on inside your head… to then change the negative self-talk to positive self-talk. 

Like I said: I still am a little scared of making YouTube videos, because of my fear of failure, but everytime I am… I change the words and pictures in my head and tell myself:

I CAN do it and I AM PROUD of the things I make! 

TOOL #3: Exercise more

The third tool my psychologist handed me was to exercise more often. Richard Branson, a very successful entrepreneur, says that his #1 ingredient to success is exercise. 

Exercise has such a great impact on your mind and emotions and after only one workout you immediately feel how much more relaxed and confident you feel. 

I am not sure what kind of sport you like, but try to find something YOU enjoy. Whether it is fitness, running, boxing or randomly running around and doing push-ups.

What I felt the moment I implemented more exercise in my week, was that I got so much more mental clarity and relaxation, so I highly recommend to see how you can add more exercise in your routine… even if it is a 10-minute exercise.

Because with more exercise, you feel more fit, more confident, think clearly and get WAY more energy to build your dream life.

TOOL #4: Live out of acceptance

The most powerful tool that my psychologist gave me was learning how to accept things more.

And to explain this I found a great quote to illustrate this point:

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. …

Often we get sad, depressed or anxious if we try to control the things that are out of OUR control. 

Last year was a good example: I wanted to backpack for 2 months, but then the pandemic happened… and one of my biggest dreams SHATTERED.

I was angry! I spent so much energy blaming the government, the covid measures and all the things I couldn’t accept… which costed me 99% of my energy.

You being angry doesn’t change anything, you just make yourself miserable… so I had to accept the things I found/find difficult to accept. 

To accept my perfectionism, to accept not being able to change my life in 3 months, to accept the global situation and to accept my body for how it feels and looks.

But accepting things doesn’t mean giving up… it means accepting the things that are out of your control, but having the courage to change the things you can.

And the wisdom to know the difference speaks for itself. 

So how can you accept things more in your life? But at the same time get more courage to change what you CAN change…


During those hard times in 2020 and 2021 I saw a different side of myself… but during those dark moments where I didn’t see a clear way out… I learned to know myself, got 4 very important tools to rebuild my life and when I implemented them step by step I saw my life change very rapidly and I believe you are next.

I decided to set goals and make a vision board for my life, which gave me something to look forward to during my depression, I took control of my mind by changing the words and pictures in my head… I exercised more and tried to accept things more, to not waste my energy on things that I couldn’t control.

These 4 tools helped me rebuilt my life from lots of anxiety and fear, to being much happier and seeing my life change in a very positive way. 

And sometimes the simplest things are most easily overlooked, but they are often the greatest things you can do to change your life. 

With these 4 tools I hope you are going to build a stable foundation for your life after COVID and come closer to your dreams.

And if you want to know more about what goals to set and what your heart desires, watch these 2 videos because they will help you find out what you want in life. 

See you… in the next one!

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