How to START a YOUTUBE Channel in 2021 and be AUTHENTIC

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Hey creators,

We’re going to talk about how you can start on YouTube and be authentic. So you will stand out from the crowd, be yourself and make content that people fall in love with.

Tip #1: Have an Intention

Your content should have an intention! is it to grow a business? To convert people to clients? To lead people to your paid products or as a sales funnel? In my paid coaching program I talk about the two strategies. The first one is the Wikipedia Strategy and the second one is sales funnel strategy. With the Wikipedia strategy, you make videos five times a week with the goal, of becoming the authority within a specific niche. And with the sales funnel strategy, you post a video once a week with the goal of converting people to your paid products. So don’t create random content.

Know, why you are creating content, and always have a specific intention.

Tip #1: Have a clear Target Audience

The second tip on how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 is to have a clear target audience in mind. The biggest mistake I was making was that I was pigeonholing myself right from the start into a specific niche. And that is not how it works on YouTube. It is with coaching, but not on YouTube.

Over the last six months, I changed my cover banner six times.

Happiness, depression, confidence, winner’s mindset, how to find your purpose, and even… Dating. But I finally found starting on YouTube and growing on YouTube, because I want to help people like you, with showing themself!

My advice: if you start a YouTube channel from scratch, have three content pillars in mind, and don’t pigeonhole yourself right from the start into a specific niche, because you don’t know if that niche works. Double down on what works.

Have a target audience, not a niche. The target audience is the person who likes pets and a niche is the grandma who loves cats but feels lonely. It’s way more specific and way more narrow.

Tip #3: Content is King

The third tip on how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 is to know that content is King. You should make quality content, because quality wins. And it doesn’t mean just having a better camera, better microphone or a MacBook pro 16 inch.

What I mean is a high retention. Know: how many minutes did your audience watch your video and how high was the click through rate?It’s all about how you boost your audience retention. That is quality.

One of the best things I learned is that you should make videos people WANT and not always what they NEED. A mistake you should know is that I was making videos about mindset… but the problem with mindset is that mindset is not tangible and it is not what people WANT, even though it is what they NEED.

Tip #4: Be Vulnerable

The fourth tip on how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 is to be vulnerable. Don’t freak out. I’m going to explain this right now. It is scary. But when I opened up more people connected to me than ever before. And when I became vulnerable, my audience became vulnerable. They shared their struggles and I shared mine as well. And when you as a YouTuber, try to appear perfect and not hit by any problems. People won’t connect.

People, connect to vulnerable and authentic people. The more you open up, the more people will open up and the deeper the connection between you and them will become. And it is scary to tell all your struggles on camera, but it is a GOLDEN TIP!

Tip #5: Create a Valley Journey

The fifth tip on how to start a YouTube channel in 2021 is to create your own Valley journey. When you want to grow on YouTube: you have two options. The first one is that you can create content and be the puppet who explains everything. The second option is to be vulnerable and to empower your content with a mission. A Valley journey is your life’s journey. Why are you, where you are today? Why do you want to start on YouTube? What were your darkest days and explain it to your audience. How did you overcome your struggles?

I was depressed for most of my life. I hated myself and thought I was worth nothing. Those were my darkest days, but I overcame that and now I’m on a mission to help you with showing yourself to the world as well, because there is so much greatness to be realized within you. But the only thing that you have to do is to know that there is greatness within you. And I want to help you with that. That is my fuel.

So a question to you: Do you want to join that movement? Do you want to be a part of that mission to help more people with showing themselves on YouTube?

Just remember.

Authenticity will win in 2021 and beyond.

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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