I Tried the Joe Dispenza Evening Meditation for 31 Days (This is what happened!)

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In today’s blog I want to explain to you the Joe Dispenza Evening meditation, because it is a powerful meditation to change your identity to the person you wish to become. I have tried the meditation for a month and in this article I want to tell you what happened. 

Most people try to change their outer world in the hope to get what they want, but it should be the other way around: to change who you are so then your world changes with it. Make sure to read it till the end, so you know how to create your new reality as well. 

My Experience

Because I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction, I decided to buy the book “Supernatural” by Dr Joe Dispenza a few months ago. I first heard of Dr Joe Dispenza on the series “Rewired” on Gaia, which is the spiritual Netflix and after his mind-blowing series I decided to buy his book “Supernatural.”

So, every night I was reading and after I finished the book, I saw he had some meditations you could buy. And because his book was a mind-blowing masterpiece, I decided to buy the meditations and to give them a chance, because many people online were amazed by the results they got. In his book he describes the science behind manifestation and the law of attraction. 

He explains very clearly how your thoughts and feelings create your reality and how you can alter them to create the life that you want. You can see the book as the information and the how-to, whereas the meditations are the practical work… all the strategies Joe explains.

And before I explain to you WHAT happened to me after I used this evening meditation for a month, I first want to explain to you HOW it works. 

How it Works

When you want to change your life or get something new, you FIRST and ALWAYS have to change your identity by how you ACT, FEEL and THINK! 

Your current life is a result of your thoughts from yesterday so if you want to create a better life, you have to think, do and become a different person. 

During my depression I had acted the wrong way, felt painful feelings and had unpleasant thoughts, which created a miserable life for me. How I overcame that depression was that I managed to act, feel and think different. And when you do that, you change your identity. And you might think that is easy to do but let me tell you this:

More than 90% of the thoughts you have today, were the same thoughts as you had yesterday! 

You might believe: 

“Okay. I have changed my thoughts, I’m done.”

But is that true? There comes more into place than just wishing for your dreams to come true. 

So, visualising what you want creates new patterns in your brain and combined with a strong emotion of gratitude or joy, you create an experience. And with a strong emotion and a strong intention you are now able to reach your subconscious mind. 

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between something you visualised and what is real, so when you visualise what you want and feel grateful for that it already happened, even if it is not true, you rewire your brain. You change the inner world and sooner or later, the outer world will change as well. 

Heart & Brain Coherence

What is also important to understand is that your heart and brain have to work in a coherent manner when you want to create your future. Your heart produces a magnetic field that is 5000X stronger than the magnetic field of your brain! Just wow! 

And the energetic field is around a whopping 100.000X stronger. Joe Dispenza explains that the heart is the connection to the unified field and that you create from the heart, not the mind. You have to change your energy, live out of bliss and create the life you want with your heart.

You have to OPEN your heart and let all the energy flow freely. And when you open your heart, you feel bliss and separation, or duality, disappears. You can only change your life when you change your energy.

When you use the Joe Dispenza Evening Meditation you create a coherent brain and a coherent heart. You calm your mind and go into a relaxed alpha state of mind and become aware of the space you feel around your body. 

Joe Dispenza

When you are relaxed and aware of the space around your body it is time to send a signal out. Joe Dispenza explains that a thought sends the signal out and your feelings draw the event back to you. 

With your mind you ask for what it is that you want… and with your feelings you create a powerful energy field around you to lay on top of that energy field the intention. And the stronger the emotions the more powerful your energy field will be. 

When you wish to manifest a loving relationship, send out WHAT it is that you wish to receive and FEEL grateful for already having it into your life, because gratitude is the optimal state of receiving. 

The meditation takes 45 minutes to an hour so prepare yourself for that, and after you are finished you go OR to sleep OR you start your day. 

But always make sure to feel grateful after the meditation, basically during your whole day, because when you send out feelings of lack and sadness for the other 23 hours of your day, the meditation was for nothing. 

My Experience

Okay Wouter, tell me your story. How did the meditation help you? 

To be honest, I always had problems with my skin, and I believed it was part of me and that I could NEVER change that. But when I did the evening meditation and set the intention to have better skin and felt grateful for already having it… one month later many of my problems went away. 

And that sounds crazy, and I never believed that changing your thoughts and beliefs could work… but it did. Every thought you think forms a blueprint and will materialize in the outer world. 

We humans are the only creatures on earth who are capable of creating thoughts of sickness. When you believe you have bad health and suffer from whatever pain, you will get it. 

A dog will never sit on the grass thinking about if he might develop a disease in the coming year. But we humans can. 

As a conclusion. Always make sure you have good thoughts and good feelings in place, because they create your life.

And if you also want to use the Joe Dispenza Evening Meditation. You can visit his website, buy the audio and create powerful meditation sessions as well, because… what is it that you wish to manifest?

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