How to use a Law of Attraction Journal (Change your Life now!)

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During my internship in Malaysia in 2018 I felt so lost, and sometimes alone that I wanted to have my thoughts on paper. My friends and family were all here in the Netherlands and I was on the other side of the world, working at a company for 6 months.

I loved the company and those 6 months were really the best of my entire LIFE, but I needed someone to have deep conversations with. Someone I could tell my struggles, my mistakes and what the HECK I should do with my life.

As I kept searching for that person in Malaysia, I had 2 options: explaining all my problems, struggles and mistakes to my co-worker OR writing a JOURNAL. 

Of course, I decided to pick option 2.

I decided to start my own journal to reflect on my life, to make improvements, clean my mind and lay out a vision for my future.

Yes the last thing is very important. A diary or journal is not about writing down that you went grocery shopping or went to the gym. It is about deeply reflecting on these 3 things: 

1. Where you are in life
2. What you could do better
3. Where you want to go

Why a Law of Attraction Journal?]

With a journal you clean your mind and can reflect on how your life is, what can you do for improvement? Or maybe you were so ANGRY today that you want to get it all out on paper.

When it is all out you can reflect on the situation without the full charge of anger you had before writing it.

Journaling is an amazing tool for self-improvement and reflecting on how your life could be better, which is KEY for progress. 

And the best thing about journaling is that you can also create your ideal future with it, which is why I use the term “law of attraction journal.” When I look back at what I wrote down in 2019 I wrote things like:

“I want to figure out what I want to do in life, I want to be in a relationship, I want to meet inspiring people, I want to write a book, start making videos or edit YouTube videos in coffee bars wherever I go.”

And all those things actually happened.

Yes, they did.

law of attraction bar

I raised my vibration with my law of attraction journal to become the person I had to become in order to achieve those things. Like attracts like, frequencies love each other and to attract or manifest the things you want, who are already out there in the world, you have to match the same frequency or vibration.

I never realised that I was creating my ideal future with journaling, and that is what I want to teach to you right now.

Where attention goes, energy flows…

They say “where attention goes, energy flows and results show.” And what you can do with journaling is putting your attention on your future. And the more attention and energy you place on your future, the more you create your future.

Without journaling I would be where I was today, because a few times a week I was taking a deep dive into what I wanted my future to be like. Please don’t worry when you don’t know the answer after one day of implementing this. Every time you journal some clues about your purpose and ideal future reveal itself.

As I told you it took 2 years for me to become clear about what I wanted to do in life and how I wanted to contribute and when I really committed and became serious about journaling, it took about 9 months of deep inner work to identify what it was what I wanted to do in life and how I wanted my future to be like. 

How journaling works

How does this all work? How can I start this transformation as well? What you have to do is to create your own law of attraction journal. The first option you have, which I prefer, is to open-up a Word document and the second option is to buy a small pocket journal on Amazon.

When you want to journal, write down on top of the page the date and the title of your writing. Why? Because it is awesome to look back at your journal and easily see when you wrote it, and the main title is there to identify what the “post” is all about.

When you are ready it is time to journal. I prefer to do it around 3 times a week and sometimes more when I have a lot on my mind or want to reflect deeply on how my life is and where it is heading.

It really doesn’t matter how much you journal, as long as it doesn’t take up your whole day, because then you cannot make any progress. My rule is to journal at least 3x a week, sometimes every morning for 5 minutes a day.

Yes, just 5 minutes.

And you might wonder “what should I write about?”

You can clear your mind, make a list about everything you are grateful for, reflect on your life and plan your future. When you want to make the Law of Attraction work for you and attract the things you want, it is important to have an intention and a high quality emotion like gratitude present with you all day.

A very powerful technique to use journaling to make the Law of Attraction work is to write in your journal like it is 3 years in the future.

law of attraction journalling

You spend your 5 minutes in the morning writing about how amazing your perfect day was in 2023. To help you with understanding this, I wrote that I had an amazing day and was able to travel the world, help many people with overcoming their struggles and was grateful for having a channel with a 100.000 subscribers.

Yes, you are allowed to think bold. You don’t need to know HOW it is going to happen, because that belongs to the Universe. What you should focus on is creating your ideal future and feeling grateful for already having it so when opportunities arrive at your doorstep, you notice them and act on them because you feel like you already have achieved them.



Be the person you have to become by changing your thoughts and feelings. 

That is the power law of attraction journaling. Use it every day for 5 minutes in the morning or evening and dependant on how you feel, clear your mind, reflect on your life or create your future.

Because when you focus on the future, create an intention and a feeling of gratitude for having achieved the things you wanted: you attract things like a magnet. And you as a new human being with new thoughts and emotions will soon notice many synchronicities showing up in your life.

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    Wish you an amazing future!

  • Follow me on Instagram: @woutermanders
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    Wish you an amazing future!


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