Law of Attraction Planner for 2020 (CHANGE YOUR LIFE NOW!)

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Why the old way? Learn today how to make a vision board on Pinterest, so you can have your vision board digital and online wherever you go. Use Pinterest to make a vision board that works, so you can share your success stories soon. Pinterest is one of the best ways to make vision board, because it is fast, easy and very inspiring. Try it yourself. Are you ready to learn how to make a vision board on Pinterest in 2020?


Law of Attraction Planner

Why do these planners help you?

Why why why?

These Law of Attraction planners help you because they provide you a clear roadmap for realizing and manifesting your dreams. If you haven’t found your life purpose, there is a high change your thoughts are currently all over the place.

You don’t know what you want, you feel lost and life gets in your way, until you are sailing circles on the Pacific Ocean and still don’t know if there is land on planet earth. Because we are all manifesting 24/7 what we think, and at a deeper level “who we are”, you manifest chaos all over the place. Your thoughts are everywhere and that means that you are manifestations are also EVERYWHERE.

Life ALWAYS reflects who you are so you have to become clear on your destination, because every ship needs a destination in order to not get and fee lost. You have to identify and discover your life purpose which is YOUR destination. And these LOA planners help you with discovering your purpose and then taking consistent steps towards manifesting them.

The video I made last month about Lifebook is actually ONE BIG LOA planner that you can use and you can watch it after this video, but now I am going to give you 5 steps on how you can make your own LOA planner.  

How to Attract Love with the Law of Attraction

Step 1: Awareness

Try to discover your purpose by asking yourself questions before you run into the direction of your goals. Discovering your purpose and identifying your dreams takes TIME. For me the whole process took 2 years but when I committed myself to really identifying my purpose it took around 8 months.

Don’t ask yourself “what is my purpose?” but divide that question into smaller questions, and everytime you ask yourself questions, a little bit of your purpose starts to reveal itself. Yes you don’t have to find it, it is already within you. So essentially you are not searching for gold, because it is already in your backpack, you only have to take of your backpack and find the gold, so that’s some relieve isn’t it?

During your meditation ask yourself questions like:

“what is trying to emerge through me?

What is my passion? What do I love to do in life?

What can I contribute?

What was I good at as a kid?”

And every time you ask these questions, more dots start to connect until it becomes more clear. I always thought my purpose was elevating happiness, then to help people with building a winners mindset and now it is to help you with discovering your purpose, so every time you practise and work with your purpose you get clearer and clearer.

And when you have discovered your purpose, you can make your own mission statement. What do you want to contribute? What is your mission? And then your vision statement? How is the future YOU over three years? Write them down and when you are done, you can make some goals. And to make proper goals, I highly recommend you to watch this video next. Because you have to make proper goals, END GOALS.

Step 2: Vision Board

Step 2. So, you have discovered your purpose, you wrote down your mission and vision statement and created some end goals to follow. Now is the time to make it visual. Albert Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge and it REALLY is. We have to make your dreams visible, because a pictures says more than a 1000 words. And this quote is also important because it doesn’t matter that you don’t know how to achieve your goals. Don’t worry and stress and say things like:

“No, I will not put this on my vision board.”

Don’t think out of your current reality, dare to be bold and dare to dream. Because when you set your big and bold goals, your mind will fill the gap and eventually you will gravitate towards your goals, which is why the LOA planner is so useful. The Law of Attraction will do some of the work.

So make your vision board, whether it is the old fashioned way with magazines and glue, or with Pinterest, and I you want to use Pinterest, I have made a video a few weeks ago about that.

Step 3: Strategy

Step 3! Let go of your story and make a new story. Stop saying to yourself WHY you are not good enough and why you cannot manifest and realize your dreams. Your past never equals your future, even if you think so. I always believed I wasn’t good enough, worthless and unlovable, because I have been rejected in every area of my life.

But when I made a new story and changed my self-talk, I created a new story and implemented new thoughts. You are a result of your thoughts, so you need new thoughts to change. That is what I did and now a former depressed person who was rejected is helping you to discover YOUR purpose and worthiness.


Dare to dream and make a strategy about how you want to achieve your dreams. If you want to become a good public speaker, try to find some opportunities in your city. Think about Toastmasters, which helps you with becoming a public speaker.

Discover all the opportunities there are who are related to your goals. And when you focus on what you want, more opportunities and chances will show up, because your mind is tuned into the thing you want.

Step 4: Action Plan month and week

Step 4! Now is the time you are going to make your LOA planner and make monthly and weekly plans to realize and manifest your dreams. Do you know why it is called the LOA? Because you have to take ACTION! LOA! Your dreams won’t manifest if you don’t take ACTION.

So you are now tuned in to your purpose and goals, discovered the opportunities and now your ship is essentially sailing to your destination. What you have to do NOW is to take actions to sail to your dreams. When you are sailing you have to check the sails, check the ship and all other stuff in order for the ship to keep sailing. You have to take action. So write down your 3 year and 1 year goal, and don’t be afraid to dream big.

Write that down and then divide your 1 year goal into 12 months. So what do you have to accomplish each month in order to realize your 1 year plan? Then divide that into weeks and you now what you have to do each week. You give your mind something to focus on and what you focus on expands.

Step 5: Feelings

Step 5! Destination, check, action check, now is the time to feel good. Your ship will NOT sail faster if you keep worrying about whether you’ll arrive or not. Can you imagine the captain of a ship worrying about the fact if his ship will arrive? If he will make it? He would be the worst captain in the world, because all captains believe they will arrive to there destination within months. Therefore make sure to relax and believe you’ll receive.

The LOA is all about FEELINGS.

With your mind you’ve radiated out of you what you want, the first 4 steps and with the heart, your feelings, you attract those things into your reality. Feel like you are already at your destination, feel the feelings of gratitude and accomplishment. You can use visualisations, or guided meditations to deeply feel those feelings. 


These 5 steps are crucial to make your LOA planner work. Each step is very important. If you want to buy a LOA planner I have linked to one here, so you can check that out. Of course you can also make your own planner with the 5 steps that I told you which is what I prefer, because the one on Amazon is a bit too distracting for me, which is the reason why I prefer to make one myself.

Wish you an amazing future!

– Wouter

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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