#30 Limiting Belief Examples (REMOVE THEM NOW!)

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Now is the time to learn examples of limiting beliefs so you can remove and overcome limiting beliefs under ten minutes. When you get rid of limiting beliefs and change those beliefs you can change your reality, because beliefs create your reality.

How to identify limiting beliefs? You’ll learn the most common limiting beliefs around love, money and life! In this video you’ll learn how to remove limiting beliefs, change limiting beliefs and learn examples of core beliefs.

When you learn how to change your limiting beliefs, you can change your reality. Now is the time to learn limiting beliefs examples so you can become aware of them and change your life! Enjoy!

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When you want to do the things you love, lets say you want to become an artist, the moment you say to yourself “I am going to post a video on YouTube where I sing a song,” your mind will start to say things like “You are not good enough to make a video.” “You don’t deserve attention, fool.” Or something like “You are not Beyonce… stop with singing.”

And those limiting beliefs prevent you from taking action, it prevents you from TAKING the babysteps towards achieving your goals. And taking action is how you realize and manifest your dreams into reality, something I also say in my Law of Attraction video’s.

And personally, I had many limiting beliefs in all the categories of my life. From love, to money to career and friends, and what these limiting beliefs do to you is that they prevent you from success.

They say beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, because beliefs result into feeling, feelings into thoughts, thoughts into action and action into results. And when you have completed a cycle like this, it gets stronger and stronger because it is a vicious cycle.

Therefore if you want to overcome your depression and other struggles successfully, you have to learn how to get rid of limiting beliefs and how to successfully install empowering beliefs.

You ALWAYS have the option to choose between letting go of a destructive limiting belief, or to implement an empowering positive belief. Something this article from INLPcenter explains very well.

Limiting Belief Examples

But there is one problem and that is what we will solve in this video: how do I know which limiting beliefs I have that ruin my life? How do I know which beliefs I have to overcome in order to make progress in my life? In the book “Sapiens from Noah Harari” he writes:

“Humans emerge from the womb like molten glass from a furnace.” And what he means by that is that we are all born with a clean version of Windows.”

Or MacOS” if you don’t like Windows. 🙂

And that our environment, from the moment we are born, programs us, and therefore we are like molten glass. Our teachers, parents and the society we live in can program us to become a Christian, a Buddhist or a Muslim and that directs the whole course of our life.

People who program us when we are young are parents, school, friends and family, society and other authority figures. And the problem is that those PEOPLE aren’t always right in what they program us.

Because they program us with the knowledge they gathered from their parents and it goes on and on. Listen carefully for what I am going to tell you right now:

Children from the age of 0 to 2 years old are in a constant brainwave we call DELTA, and children from the age of 2 till 7 years old are under theta brainwaves.

And in these brainwaves your subconscious mind is very suggestible for information and we can SAY that these children are under constant hypnosis. That is why hypnotherapists bring you back to theta brainwaves to reprogram your subconscious mind, because your life is for around 95% a reflection of your subconscious mind.

And in your subconscious mind are empowering beliefs, and limiting beliefs… you have more limiting beliefs in your subconscious mind than you think. And in a moment I give you many examples of limiting beliefs.

So now you know that children are in a constant state of hypnosis and are very suggestible for information and the things that happen “to them”, it is also important to understand that not everything that enters the brain of a child is “Good and empowering”. When children download information they always, ALWAYS, download the errors and bugs as well.

And to apply the story to me: I was rejected for most of my life, not good enough for friends, not smart enough, not smart enough to make it in this world, I was an outsider and more of that which caused people to bully me. And because most of this happened during my childhood, I was programmed with the belief that “I was not good enough”, that there was something fundamentally wrong with me, and that belief reflected in my life, my reality… because, life always reflects your beliefs. So we all have many limiting beliefs and errors we have downloaded during our childhood and it is your job to identify them and to become aware of them. Because overcoming limiting beliefs is 90% done when you are aware of them and 10% doing affirmations and using other techniques.

Examples of Limiting Beliefs

So, now I am going to give you the most common examples limiting beliefs and you will probably identify a few of your own limiting beliefs, but that is OK. It is time for you to become aware of them, so listen carefully. I am going to divide the most common limiting beliefs in 5 categories and the first is about Money and abundance:

“Money cant come to me easily, I am bad with money, I’ll never become rich, Money doesn’t matter to me, The world is a cruel place, To earn money I have to work very hard, money turns people rotten, money doesn’t grow on trees, you can’t trust others with money.”

These were some limiting beliefs about money, so identify which ones you belief and question them for a few days so you can swap them out for something constructive, and to do that I highly recommend this video about using affirmations to do so. Now it is time for examples of limiting beliefs about relationships:

“I will never find love, I am not lovable, I always get hurt, no one wants me, my relationships just never work out, I need someone else in my life to feel whole, Love never works out for me.” Now some examples of limiting beliefs about work:

“I don’t deserve making money with doing the things I love, It is impossible making money doing the things you love, I am not talented, (PEOPLE WE ARE ALL TALENTED), Who would want to hire me? Everyone else gets the good jobs, my opinion is not important.” Now some limiting beliefs about self worth:

“I am a failure, I don’t deserve a better life, I don’t deserve success, things never work out for me, and it is all my parents fault.” Now the last category is about some examples about limiting beliefs about health:

“Everyone gets cancer, getting sick is unavoidable, I don’t deserve to be healthy, everyone in my family is obese, I’ll never lose weight and my body heals slowly.”


These limiting beliefs turn out into SELF FULFILLING prophecies, so become aware of them and swap them out by using affirmations, something I explain very well in another video. Always, always look within when things aren’t working out for you in life.

Change yourself, instead of changing the environment. Because changing your environment takes a lot of hard work and a lot of time and because your life always reflects your beliefs, it is a matter for time before your life is just as it was before. Change your beliefs, and change the world.

Wish you an amazing future!

– Wouter

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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