Lost Creator Academy Review 2023 + DISCOUNT!

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With a price tag of $800, Lost Creator Academy can be expensive for many people. That probably makes you wonder: is Lost Creator Academy worth the investment? And is it worth spending your precious time on?

As a YouTuber myself I had many questions about Lost Creator Academy, and wasn’t sure if it was the right course for me… but after a year I can say Lost Creator Academy is definitely worth the money!

Let’s cover why!

(or if you already want the discount, click the link down below where you get your Lost Creator Academy discount after signing up for the class)

Table of Contents

#1 The Curriculum
#2 Cons
#3 Pros
#4 Conclusion

#1 The Curriculum

The Lost Creator Academy from Christian Le Blanc has more than 100 hours of content that helps you become a world class content creator. There are so many lessons where he helps you to take better photos, videos and also grow on social, that there is definitely something in it for you. This is the curriculum of the Lost Creator Academy:

#1 Content Creator Bootcamp

– Confidence on Camera
– 10 Things I wish I knew Before Starting
– 5 Things to Make Your Videos WAY Better
– Which Social Media Platform is Best?
– 5 Things to Make Your Photos WAY Better
– How to Get Free Hotels (With or Without a Following)
– What are the Risks of Becoming a Content Creator
– Vlogging Do’s and Dont’s
– How to Make Money as a Content Creator
– Is It Too Late to Become a Content Creator?

#2 Creative Basics

– Introduction to Creative (Photoshop vs LR: Premiere vs FCPX)
– Take Control of Your Camera (Manual Shooting & Fundamentals)
– Shutter Speed 101
– Aperature 101
– ISO 101
– How to Tell a Good Story
– Master Your Camera (Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Camera)
– My Top Camera Picks (2020-2021)
– What Camera Should YOU Get? (Cameras, Lenses, Drones & Gimbals)
– Do You REALLY Need an iPad?
– The M1 Macbooks are game-changing but you might not need it
– Level UP Your Visual – Contrast (Part 1)
– Level UP Your Visuals – Composition (Part 2)
– How I record from my Studio (Lighting, Audio, & Camera Setup)
– How to Make Any Shoot Look Beautiful (Lighting and Visuals)
– How to Make Any Studio Sound Incredible (Audio Tips and Microphones)
– Understanding Camera Sensor Sizes
– DSLR vs Mirrorless Cameras – What is the Difference?
– Tell Stories That Captivate (Full Video Walkthrough)
– How to Make Horizontal Videos Vertical

#3 Creative: Videography

– How to Become CONFIDENT on Camera
– Do’s and Don’ts of Vlogging
– Drone 101 – Flying like a Pro (Tips, Tricks, and Settings)
– Final Cut Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro)
– Premiere Pro Bootcamp (Start Editing like a Pro)
– How to Edit Videos on a Slow Computer( Proxy Media & Library Management)
– Color Grade like a Pro (Easy 2-Step Process)
– How to maximize your audio (EQ and Audio Post Production)
– How to Edit a Travel Video (Start to Finish)
– 5-Steps to Edit an AMAZING video (Japan in 3 minutes)
– How to FILM a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Lens)
– How to EDIT a Cinematic VIdeo – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 1
– How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 2
– How to EDIT a Cinematic Video – Bali Waterfall (Behind the Edit) – Part 3
– Sound Design Challenge – Common Mistakes and Key Tips
– How to Shoot a Timelapse (3 Methods)
– How to Edit a Timelapse
– How I edited my BEST Video Yet (Sleep Can Wait) video is embedded at the top of this post

#4 Creative Photography

– Portrait Shooting in Tokyo (Behind the Lens)
– Shoot Photos for Instagram WITHOUT a Photographer (Behind the Lens)
– Lightroom Bootcamp (Create Photo Edits you Love)
– Photoshop Bootcamp (Welcome to the Most Powerful Photography Tool)
– Photoshop Advanced Bootcamp (Sky Replacement and Composite Photography)
How to Shoot and Land a Hotel Collab (Behind the Lens) Part 1
– How to Edit a Hotel Collab (Behind the Edit) Part 2
– Make Better Thumbnails – Get the Views You Deserve!
– My Best and Worst Thumbnails (How to Increase Click-Through Rate)
– Why my video went Viral – Cappadocia Thumbnail (Behind the Edit)
– Editing my “How to Travel Bali” Thumbnail (Behind the Edit)
-Underwater Suite Instagram Post (Behind the Instagram)
– Advanced Photo Editing (Panorama, Content-Aware Scale, etc)
– Editing Travel Photos in Lightroom (I Edit Your Photos)
– Editing a Portrait (I Edit Your Photos)
– Mastering the Petshoot (Behind the Lens)
– Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Instagram Post (Behind the Edit)

#5 Creative: Reviewing your Content

In the Lost Creator Academy Facebook group there are always events and one of them is Feedback Friday. Here you can post your photos or videos and get feedback from other LCA members, but also Christian himself. This is very useful to learn from “mistakes” members make related to your creative.

#6 Business: Monetization

– Build Your Action Plan (Time Management 101)
– How to Make Money with NO Following
– How to Position your Business (Build a Brand that Will Last)
– How Lost LeBlanc Became a 7 Figure Business (my revenue streams)
– How do Brand Deals Work? (Get Your First Client)
– Walkthrough my First Brand Deal (My First $ Earned as a Content Creator)
– How To Do Brand Deals that DON’T Hurt Your Brand
– The Power of a Well-Written Email (My Email Templates for Collaborating)
– How to Price Yourself (Get Paid What You Deserve)
– Contracts 101 (Understand What You’re Signing)
– How to Negotiate (Get the Upper Hand in the Deal)
– Art of the Collaboration (Get Free Hotels, Products, and Really Anything)
– The #1 Monetization Opportunity Most Creators Miss (Email Funnel)
– Getting Collaborations WITHOUT a Large Following (Christopher Lau)
– How Much Should You Charge for Freelance Work? (Emmett Sparling)
– 10 Tips to Creating a Catchy and Memorable brand Name (Creator Challenge #2)
– Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant (Lexie Limitless)
– How Having a Niche Pays $$$ (Brett Conti)
– How to Become a Freelancer (Cam)

#7 Business: Social Growth

– How to Grow on Instagram (the Things You Need to Start Today)
– Conquer the Instagram Algorithm (What Really Matters)
– How to Grow on Youtube (The Things You Need to Start Today)
– Get Your Youtube Videos in the Top Search Results (Search Engine Optimization)
– How to Become a Content Creator While Working Another Job
– How to Promote and Launch a Video (My Fastest Video to 100k Views)
– 45 Days of Posting Daily on Instagram

#8 Sell your own product

– Introduction to Selling Your Own Product
– Deciding Your Product
– Getting Your Website Ready
– Getting Your Website Built
– Creating a Shopify Store
– Opening a Squarespace Website
– How to Market and Sell Your Product
– Opening a Convertkit Account
– Opening a Mailchimp Account (Parts 1, 2, 3)
– Building Your Email List
– Creating an Email Broadcast
– Creating an Email Sequence
– Facebook Community Groups
– Possible Products (Presets, Ebooks, Courses)
– Setting up Thinkific
– Opening a Teachable Account

#9 Creator Coaches

– Working with models and shooting with brands
– Landscape photography part 1 (Lightroom)
– Landscape photography part 2 (Photoshop)
– Shaping light in Lightroom and Photoshop
– How to revive a colorless photo
– Advanced level drone photo editing
– E-commerce studio photography (shoot and edit)
– Stylize your lighting (studio shooting)
– Level up your gimbal movements
– How to change the color of your clothing
– Get the perfect photo (even when alone)

#2 Cons

#1: Sometimes it is not clear when new content is added. It is announced in the Facebook group, but those notifications you often miss.

#3 Pros

#1: Many downloadable items like email templates, freelance calculators, media kits, and pricing templates.
#2: The Community: this is the BEST things of LCA. When you enrol in the Lost Creator Academy, you’ll connect with thousands of likeminded people. I even had my own LCA meetup in the Netherlands where I made many new friends.
#3: Forever access: when you enrol today, you have access forever.
#4: Many email templates and downloadables who make things much easier (like the email templates for hotel collaborations)
#5: Future Course Updates: Every month new content will be available where you have access to.

One of the first Dutch LCA meetups!

#4 Conclusion: Is it worth the $800?

With full conviction I can say that Lost Creator Academy is worth the $800! With hundreds of hours of content, an amazing community that will bring you new travel friends and lot’s of downloadable items… LCA was definitely worth my investment! What I especially liked was the community and the lessons on videography. My old YouTube Channel is nothing in compared to the new one I started today, where I really improved my video and storytelling skills!

Lost Creator Academy is worth it if you are (or want to be) a content creator that wants to make money from anywhere in the world. If you want to sign up and get a discount, click on the link down below to watch the FREE Masterclass and get a discount. The best day to sign up is today, because prices could rise anytime unfortunately.

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