THIS is how you MANIFEST your Dreams FAST!

If you believe that the Law of Attraction is just wishful thinking… you’re wrong. 

There are actually 4 very important steps to manifesting your wildest dreams, and it took me years to understand them.

And if you miss only ONE of these steps or put them in the wrong order, your manifestation will never arrive or take a VERY long time to show up in your reality.

So, I made a roadmap for you that you can easily follow, to make sure you manifest your dreams faster than before, and don’t miss any steps.

It was the way how I shifted my life from a very severe depression to manifesting my first girlfriend, my own apartment and a weird cheque that suddenly showed up in my mail.

You’ve waited long enough, so let’s begin!  

What is the Law of Attraction?

Do you know that your mind is manifesting 24/7? Every single thought in your head has an effect on your body and the world around you. 

That’s why people say: “what’s in your head, you attract, and what you think about you’ll bring about.”

Let me ask you this: if you think about a red car today… do you think more red cars show up?

Yes, you do. And that is what those sayings mean.

So, in order to get what we want we first of all have to focus on what we want, because where focus goes, energy flows and results show.

And that brings me to the FIRST step of the law of attraction process:

1. A Clear Goal

I know that when you go outside today, you’ll see that red car, because it is very specific and now your mind knows what to focus on. 

But of course, you don’t want to attract red cars into your life, you want to manifest your dreams. That’s why you also have to be crystal clear about what it is that you want… so your mind knows what it should focus on.

When I started manifesting, I was always vague in what I wanted to manifest: “I want to look good, make more money and be in a relationship.”

Yes, everything you want is out there, but because I was vague… my mind didn’t know what to look for and nothing happened. 

My mind was asking: “So you want a relationship? What kind of relationship? Boy, girl? Long brown hear? What characteristics?”

You have to be specific: “I want to manifest a woman with brown hear, brown eyes, she must be very caring etc.”

Because when that woman shows up in reality, you might think: “Wow, is she the one?”

And then comes the next step, which is VERY important.

2. Feel Elevated Emotions

In one of the many Law of Attraction books I read, the author said: 

“You don’t attract what you want, you attract who you are.”

The angry person, attracts anger and the loving person, attracts love into his life.

So, in order to attract what we want, we have to become what we want, which is feeling one with what we want. 

We have to feel whole and complete first, be grateful for having it in our life, even if that’s not the case… in order to attract it.

When I started manifesting, I had a strong desire for a relationship, but having a strong desire for something was a big mistake. Do you know why?

Desire means: “I want this, but I don’t have it.”

Desire means lack, and lack attracts more lack. In the Universe Like attracts Like, which means that energies of the same frequency attract each other, which explains why angry people attract more anger.

So, in order to attract what you want, you should not desire it… but feel one with what you want first. You should understand that you are whole and complete without what it is you want… and then work out of intention. 

And that means: “I am whole and complete. I don’t need a girlfriend to be happy… but I intent to manifest someone into my reality to make my life even better.”

This is so much more powerful than saying you strongly desire a girlfriend, because you want her to fill up the emptiness that you think is inside of you.

Okay, I understand this step… but how do I do this?

What you have to do is feeling elevated emotions when you think about what you want: feelings of love, joy, gratitude and happiness. 

Because the thoughts you think are sent out into the Universe, but your emotions attract the things you want into your life. 

Visualise your goals, especially in the morning and feel grateful for having them already in your life, because then you become one with what it is that you want. 

So, if I would want to manifest love, I would visualise myself with my potential lover and feel grateful for her being in my life.

And when you open your eyes, don’t start crying, because you’re alone… but keep those elevated emotions alive during your entire day. 

Because THEN we become what we want to attract. And that brings me to the next VERY important step.

3. Letting Go 

We have to let go of what we want… and I know what you’re thinking: “Wouter, if I let go of what I want… how do I ever manifest it?”

I don’t mean letting go and never thinking about it anymore… I mean visualising what you want a few times a day, feeling grateful for having it already… but not worrying about it every second of the day and trying to predict WHEN, HOW and WHAT is going to happen… because that is the task of the Universe.

Our ego doesn’t love the unknown and tries to predict what will happen, when it will happen and how it is going to happen… but it always does so by staying in the known.

But because we want something that is out there in the UNKNOWN, we have to let go of what we want, so the UNKNOWN can unfold itself and show up in our life. 

This means we have to set our specific goal, feel grateful for having it already… and then we let go and trust the Universe that it will deliver our dream in the right divine timing.

And letting go means: if I attract what I want… I’m happy… but if I don’t attract what I want… I’m also happy, because I feel whole and complete without it as well.”

That is the most powerful tip I can give you. It is what I did with my YouTube channel. 

“If I get 1000 subscribers, great… if I don’t get them… also great, because I love what I do… and eventually people will resonate with me.”

Stop predicting WHEN and HOW it will happen, because then you stay in the known and then the Universe can NEVER deliver your dream
And that brings me to the last step… how do I receive my dream?

4. Be open to Receiving 

Then the last step to manifest your dreams fast is to be open to receiving and expecting your dream to happen. 

Most people don’t attract their dreams, because they are not open to receiving what they want and don’t expect it to happen.

The Universe always gives you what you “want” in disguise. 

It never shows up clearly and always in unexpected ways. 

I wanted a girlfriend for like my entire life and went to bars every Saturday, because my ego thought it was THE PLACE of all places, where I would find love… but I also wrote a little book about my depression… and guess what… my now girlfriend bought that book, started reading it, contacted me and is now my girlfriend.

Not a bar… a book! That’s the opposite of all opposites!

So be open to receiving what you want, because it does come in unexpected ways and expect it to happen. 


To recap all steps: be very specific about what it is that you want, feel elevated emotions thinking about what it is that you want to become the thing, let go of what it is that you want and trust the Universe… and last: be open to receiving and expect it to happen.

These were the steps I used to transform my life from depression to where I am today. And it is the most powerful manifestation process I know and have used continuously in my life. 

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