My Reaction to Marisa Peer (Is she REALLY good!?)

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You might have heard about Marisa Peer, voted Britain’s #1 Hypnotherapist, and she is known for her hypnosis sessions that created stunning results for her clients. Because I am all about mindset and the law of attraction, I enrolled in her courses as well. 

But I saw there were no reviews or reaction video’s to Marisa Peer, and of course, someone has to be the first, which is the reason for this blogpost. 

What is Hypnosis

Most people suffer from their mindset. 

Whether it is not feeling enough, low self-esteem, not feeling lovable… you name it! 

Sorry, but I believe you can relate to this as well. Do you feel awkward when meeting new people, or do you feel broken because you are still single? There is a lot going on in your head, and most of it is the result of what happened during your early years. 

A Greek philosopher said:

“Give me a child until the age of 7 and I give you the man for the rest of his life.”

Children are like molten glass from the furnace and can be moulded into any shape you would like. They are under a constant state of hypnosis because they are in a lower brainwave which we call theta. And when they get older, they go into alpha and then beta, which is the brainwave you are in right now while you are reading this. 

The higher the brainwave, the less suggestible you are.


What hypnosis is used for is to bring you back to lower brainwaves like theta and alpha to increase your suggestibility, so you take in new suggestions from a hypnotherapist. Your life is mostly a reflection of your subconscious mind and with hypnosis we reprogram that part of your mind, because under lower brainwaves you can access the subconscious more easily. 

Whatever you change in the outer world, it will always gravitate back to what you believe and what you believe is stored in your subconscious mind… so stop wasting your time and energy changing the world outside, change the inside world first, which can be done with hypnosis. 

Under hypnosis you rewire yourself with the suggestions from the hypnotherapist. And that is when Marisa Peer steps into the game. 

My Experience

As you might know by now, I have been very depressed at a young age, because I was rejected time after time. There were moments when I was sitting in front of a teacher who laughed at my answers every time she asked me a question, or the moment that I had a conversation at school about how smart I was and the teacher said that I should study at the LOWEST POSSIBLE level. 

Now I look back at all that, I sometimes think: 

“Why did I care about those teachers?” 

But when authority figures reject you at a very young age, your self-esteem collapses like an old building. You start to believe that there is something fundamentally wrong with you and you install your first limiting beliefs.

Flash forward to puberty: Not my school backpack was the heaviest thing I carried, but my backpack full of limiting beliefs like:

“I am not good enough.”
“I am not lovable.” 
“I am not worthy of friendships.” 
“Nobody in the world likes me.” 
“I am ugly.” 

luggage, packed, travel

These limiting beliefs hunt you for the rest of your life, until you decide to take action and swap them out. Limiting beliefs result into self-fulfilling prophecies, because they generate feelings and those feelings result into thoughts and those thoughts result into action… and then into results. 

For example, if you have the limiting belief “I am not good enough” installed in your mind and you interact with a potential lover, your self-talk, or your inner Voldemort, starts to speak:

“Paul, nobody likes you. The world doesn’t need a guy like you. You don’t deserve love.”

Sounds shocking right? But this is how we sometimes talk to ourselves! You want to get rid of that criticism and improve your mindset! And then it is time to invite Marisa Peer to the party. 

Marisa Peer

I knew there was much chaos inside of my head and therefore I saw an advertisement from Marisa Peer, where she said:

“Babies are only born with two fears. The fear of being dropped and the fear of loud noises.”

I decided to enrol in the Uncompromised Life Course from Marisa Peer and after she explained some of her principles, she gave me some hypnosis sessions, or guided meditations to listen for 21 days to reprogram your subconscious mind. 

Marisa Peer

Honestly… I was critical…

How can I improve my self-esteem with a woman whispering in my ears that I am good enough? I have suffered from low self-esteem for 10 years… and listening to Marisa Peer for 21 days will help? 

But I gave it a chance and listened to her hypnosis sessions for 21 days during the morning, because then you are more suggestible for information, as you are in an alpha state of mind. 

First, she does a regression session, where you go over the scenes in your childhood that affected you and you reframe them to something better. You rewatch them with your future you, which is a very powerful technique. 

And when that is done, she whispers the most loving words into your ears. Her voice is absolutely calming and amazing and what she says would remind you of a loving parent.

She whispers that you were born enough, that you are good enough and that you are lovable… and when you repeat this for 21 days in a suggestible state, your brain starts to rewire itself.

I repeated the hypnosis for 21 days and on the last day something magical happened.

On the last day of the hypnosis session where Marisa whispered that “I will always be enough”, I started crying. 

All those years of shitty opinions and limiting beliefs got out of my body. My wound of not feeling enough finally started to heal itself, because crying is the best method of letting go. 

I opened my eyes and felt so, so light, that I finally had the confidence to make the most out of my life. And the months after the session much changed: I got into a relationship, I started a YouTube channel, I began with public speaking. And all those things happened after the hypnosis from Marisa Peer. 

I was scared to death for only 2 things and that was love and public speaking… and that changed.

If you have mindset problems about love, money, self-esteem… give it a chance to do a hypnosis session from Marisa Peer. She has many guided meditations online and if you want to enrol in a course, you can search for Marisa Peer on Mindvalley and she pops up. 

Why is Marisa Peer the best of the best, is because she has decades of experience, worked with many people including celebrities and she knows what she is talking about on a deep level.

She also makes hypnosis accessible to everyone and not too difficult to understand, which makes her the ONE to go.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool to reprogram your subconscious mind and even though you might be critical like me, give it a chance because it will change your life. Your life is mostly a reflection of the subconscious mind, and when you use hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind, the outer world will reflect that very soon. 

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