3 Panic Attack Tips That Changed My Life (Forever!)

Let’s talk about how to overcome panic attacks, without spending too much time money and energy on things that don’t work.

Hi, I am Wouter, a certified NLP Coach and I help people overcome their anxiety and panic based on what worked for me.

So, let’s dive right into the first tip to overcome your panic attacks!

Tip #1: Work on changing your response

The first tip I have is to change your response to both the feelings and symptoms of anxiety.  

Why is it so important to change your response to anxiety and what do you mean?

To answer those questions, you first need to know the real cause of panic attacks.

But before we can get to the cause, you first need to know what triggers panic. A trigger is something that creates some anxiety for you.

Something that your brain interprets as dangerous. 

But the cause of your panic attack is worrying about the anxiety that you feel. It is how you respond to both the feelings and symptoms of anxiety.

When I struggled with panic attacks, I freaked out completely when I felt my heart beating faster, which resulted in hyperventilating: I worried about my sensations.

heart palpitations

So, when you have a panic attack, you essentially “panic about feeling anxious”.

You start to worry and stress when your heart rate increases, or if you begin to sweat or feel other symptoms of anxiety.

And the more you worry about the sensations, the worse your panic gets.

But why is that?

Because you essentially tell your brain the following: 

“Oh no, we feel anxious. Anxiety is dangerous, because I get stressed and worried when I feel anxious.”

And what does your brain do? It makes you even more anxious, because anxiety is dangerous right?

And this creates a loop of anxiety: Anxiety, worry and even more anxiety and then, even more, worry until it spirals into full-blown panic. 

And that is panic: fear about fear.

So, to break this cycle, you need to learn how to respond in a new, better way to your anxiety.

And if you are someone who wants to learn how to do this, I highly recommend you watch my FREE training here.

But you need the second tip as well to overcome panic attacks.

Tip #2: Work on emptying your stress jug

The second tip that worked very well for me was to empty my stress jug.

“Excuse me… what are you talking about Wouter?”

Well, we all have an inner stress jug. When we are relaxed, and calm and experience no stress, the jug stays empty. But when we experience a lot of stress continuously… the stress jug gets fuller and fuller.

generalised anxiety

And now it gets really interesting.

What happens when we experience so much stress for very long periods? Maybe for months or years in a row? 

The stress jug gets full… and then even the most innocent, silliest thing can make the jug overflow… which is anxiety. And a full jug makes us more sensitive to stress and creates more anxiety.

And when you feel anxious and still respond to anxiety in the “wrong way”, which was worrying about anxiety, you get in a state of panic. 

Have you ever noticed that panic attacks sometimes get triggered by stupid, silly things and seem to arise out of the blue?

Well, it seems like they arise out of the blue, but months or years of built-up stress were probably the cause.

That’s why it is very important to empty the jug, something I teach all my clients in the FreedomForBosses Academy.

Empty the jug!

And you can achieve that by exercise, diet and working on stress as a few examples, which is what you’ll learn in this video here.

But the last tip might be the most important one you learn today.

Tip #3: Work on believing you can overcome your panic

The third tip to overcome panic attacks is to believe that you can overcome your panic attacks.

I once had a client who told me the following:

“Wouter, I am struggling with panic attacks for over 10 years now. I believe it is part of who I am.”

She tried medication and went to multiple psychologists, but nothing worked, so she gave up… but after her 4th session with me she told me that for the first time in 10 years, she had multiple weeks without panic attacks.

And that made her believe she could finally overcome her panic attacks. Because panic is not who she was and not who YOU are. It is something that grows and gets stronger, like a habit. 

If panic was really who you are, you as a baby would struggle with panic as well.

But you didn’t. Or you as a child would have panic attacks, but my bet is that you didn’t as well.

stress and anxiety

But why is it so important to believe in your ability to overcome panic attacks? And how do you believe in your ability to overcome it?

I mean… if you have recurring panic attacks, it starts to feel like who you are, right?

Well, when you don’t believe in your ability to live a life without panic attacks, the thoughts you have are in line with that limiting belief.

When opportunities to overcome panic attacks present themselves, you are less likely to engage in them.

You don’t read books on panic, watch videos or register for trainings like mine, because nothing seems to work anyways.

But the moment you believe in your ability to overcome panic, you are 10 steps ahead of everyone else with panic attacks… because you now have a belief that supports you. A belief that creates supportive thoughts that move you towards healing. 

Because this time you engage in the opportunities that present themselves and you read the books, watch the trainings and learn how to overcome panic. 

How do you change your belief?

Take a piece of paper and write on the left side your limiting belief, and on the right side your new, constructive belief.

“I can’t overcome panic attacks.” And “I can overcome panic attacks”.

First, write down the evidence for why you can’t overcome it and try to see it from a new perspective. And when you are done, write down the evidence for why you CAN

Write down as much as you can, turn up the music, get a drink and take as much time as you need to write down the evidence for why you can.

And day by day, you take that piece of paper and you say out loud to yourself in the mirror all the reasons why you can overcome your panic. Say it out loud and keep working on expanding that list.


Now you learned the 3 most important panic attack tips that helped me heal from panic, but you still need to know how to reduce your anxiety to make it easier to overcome panic attacks.

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