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Favourite Products

These tools are definitely worth your money! Save yourself from struggles and use these tools down below to kickstart your online journey.

PS: Some of these products contain affiliate links, which means I might get a commission for recommending the product to you. But for some tools I can offer you an exclusive discount! Check the products down below to enjoy the discounts!

Favourite Tech

Canon EOS M50

I use this camera as my primary camera for filming. It can shoot in 4K resolution and gets you the most bank for your buck!


Every great film has great audio. This microphone is your best option to record high quality audio. I am very satisfied!

Peak Design travel backpack

I LOVE to travel! And when I travel I need a backpack that can carry all my camera equipment. This backpack is really amazing!

SanDisk SDXC Extreme

You have to be careful which SD-Card you choose, because they have all different reading & writing speeds, but this one is my babe!

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 Lens

Every filmmaker needs a lens that gets that blurry background! This is my option, but always be careful choosing lenses.

Studio Light Kit

When you record yourself, you need good Studio Lighting. This studio kit is relatively cheap and was my option for great lighting.

SAMSUNG UR59 Series 32-Inch 4K

This is the monitor I use to edit my videos. It is a vivid, colourful 4K screen where your videos absolutely pop of the screen!

Ziyun crane m2

Whether you shoot with an iPhone or camera, you need a gimbal to have smooth and steady camera shots. This is my go-to gimbal.

Canon BR-E1 Remote

When I learned there were camera remotes, my world changed! When filming yourself alone this is a true blessing!

Favourite Tools


TubeBuddy - keyword research

Every YouTuber should use TubeBuddy to find the best topics for your channel. With TubeBuddy you can find the best keywords and topics in your niche and make sure your videos can be found on the platform.


Artlist - stock music

What is a great video without great music? With Artlist you have thousands of royalty free songs you can use in your own videos. When you use my link you get 2 months for FREE!

Artgrid - stock video

If you need stock footage for your videos: Artgrid has you covered. With Artgrid you have thousands of stock videos to make your own videos even better. When you use my link you get 2 months for FREE!


convertkit- email marketing

Every business owner needs an email list. With Convertkit you can easily build and grow your own email list. This is a very important way to grow your business. You can get started for free when you click the link down below.

Favourite Books

Top Pick for Mindset

101 Essays that will change the way you think by Brianna Wiest

Top Pick for Spirituality

The Law of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks

Top Pick for ABUNDANCE

Letting Go by David Hawkins


Top Pick for Mindset

The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest


Top Pick for Abundance

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill


Top Pick for Money

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


Top Pick for LIFE

Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza


Top Pick for your soul

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho


Top Pick for YouTube

The YouTube Formula by Derral Eves

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