How I Manifest ANYTHING Using Scripting | Manifestation Journal | Law of Attraction Success

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In this video you’ll learn how to manifest anything using scripting. With a manifestation journal I began my law of attraction success. How to script? How to journal law of attraction?

I am going to share my scripting success stories and explain how you can use scripting to make the law of attraction work for you. Yes, you can manifest anything with scripting as long as you generate the feelings and take action. After this video you’ll learn how to use the law of attraction to manifest love, success or money by scripting or journaling.

Please share your success stories as well with scripting and manifesting your dreams!


How it Works

So lets say that your name is Paul. And you, Paul, want to become an author and have a book on Amazon. Understand that everything you want is already here, every dream you have can be manifested, but the bigger the goal, the more time it needs to manifest. Likewise, the bigger your order in the restaurant the longer the preparation time tends to be. What Paul has to do is to write down his goal:

“Write a book to sell on Amazon”,

FEEL like he already has accomplished the goal and then take aligned action towards achieving that goal. He might write every morning for 20 minutes. And day after day he comes closer to his goal until he hits the publish button and has his book online. Manifesting is not magic, it really isn’t.

But always understand that big orders need more time and come into your reality, whenever you are ready. I have 200 subscribers and want to hit the 1000, but that takes time, but I feel like I achieved my goal and keep on making these videos to help you.

And what you are essentially doing with manifesting is that you are at point A, your current reality or current identity, and you want to GET to point B, your future reality or future identity. Currently you haven’t written a book and you want to become an author that sells book.

You don’t have a girlfriend and want to HAVE a girlfriend, or you are depressed and want to be happy, and the list can go on. And if you are wondering can scripting help with relationships? YES, and this is the proof. In my journal I wrote in January this sentence:

“It feels like the Universe is preparing myself for a relationship.”

And one month later, after being single for my whole life, I met THE girl I fell in love with. This is amazing! And if you want to know how I did this, let me know in the comments.

As I’ve told you, feelings are very important with the LOA and scripting. When you believe you are already in possession of the thing you want magic starts to happen. Because feelings result in certain thoughts and those thoughts result in YOU taking aligned action… and then results show. And when time passes by your dreams materialize.

When you understand that LIFE ALWAYS reflects YOUR beliefs, and that your current life is a printout of your subconscious programming, it is time to become aware about what is in your head.

Because what is in your head you attract. Feed your mind with the right thoughts and feel the right feelings to draw your dreams back to you. Feelings attract and thoughts project. Never forget that. Have the right thoughts because you are like a radio station sending out your thoughts, and your life is just a mirror of what is in your head.

The LOA works 24/7 guys and your life is nothing more than a reflection of what is in your head. When you fill your head with new thoughts related to your dreams, things will change. Your life will change when you take on a new identity. Because life always reflects your beliefs, but on a more profound level: your life is a reflection of who you are. Change yourself, your inner world, and your identity and the world should change accordingly with it. And you change by not thinking the same thoughts over and over again.

And if this makes sense guys, give this video a like and let me know in the comment section which dream you want to manifest so I can give you some advice.

So the practical part. When you want to use scripting to create a north-star, a goal and have those NEW thoughts, pick up any notebook you would like. You can basically use anything you can write on, and if you HATE writing like me, open a new word document.

And now on top of your page, write down your goals. My goals are for example to have a 1000 subscribers, become a coach, travel the world, and live in my own apartment, to inspire you to dream big. Because I really don’t know how to get there with the little money I make as a sales clerk. But dare to dream because your subconscious mind will fill in the gap. So once you have written down your goals, go to the next page and listen carefully.

Your morning

The first 30 minutes of every morning you are in an alpha brainwave, and what this means is that the door to your subconscious is a little bit open and you are more suggestible for information. Your life is mostly a reflection of the subconscious mind so we want all the scripting to go right into that part of the brain. And because your mind only works in the present tense, this is what I want you to do. Every morning open up your notebook and write down “I am grateful for being an extraordinary coach. I am grateful for having a 1000 subscribers. I am grateful for living in my own apartment.

And I am grateful for traveling the world.” You use the present tense and generate FEELINGS of gratitude. Gratitude creates an enormous powerful energy field that carries your intention into the Universe and acts like a magnet. You just reprogrammed your subconscious mind, generate feelings of accomplishment and this means you reprogram yourself. Do this every morning for your goals, until you achieved them, then do this again for your new goals. And when time passes by there is a new you.


Why these feelings are so important is because when opportunities come into your life, you stop with saying I can’t do that, or I am not good enough, and you start with saying I can do that and I am good enough. Those feelings help you with accepting the opportunities in your life. 

So yes, you can manifest anything using scripting and the LOA. Write down your goals, and every day write down you are grateful for already having achieved the goal to generate feelings of accomplishment and gratitude and it is a matter of TIME before you manifest your dreams.

Wish you an amazing future!

– Wouter

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    Wish you an amazing future!


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