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Our 140.000 IG Followers can finally find us on YouTube.

No one on our team had any experience with YouTube. The TubeCreator Academy took us week by week on how to set-up a channel, how to do keyword research, how to make great titles and thumbnails and everything we needed to know to launch successfully. It was a great experience and we couldnt' have done it without the TubeCreator Academy!

I am getting leads on autopilot!

"Everyday I am getting leads into my sales funnel, because of the YT strategy Wouter taught. He has such a great vibe and is so pleasant to work with! Thank you so much for making a huge difference in my social media strategy!"

- Michelle, Finance Coach

I finally found my niche on YouTube.

"Wouter helped me a lot in going from not knowing how to start making quality content to having more tools and strategies in creating content that delivers value to my audience, grateful to have him as my YouTube coach!"

- Presence, Mindset Coach & YouTuber

I have paid $1000's for information that are not nearly as good as his.

He's truly walked the walk. He shares EVERYTHING he has learned from a first-hand experience along with the tools and resources that are critical in starting a successful channel. Wouter, thank you so much for the amazing content and information you have shared - I'm looking forward to applying everything you've taught me to my own life, my brand, and my channel!

- George, Investing Coach

I finally made my first YouTube video!

"I've been wanting to start on YouTube for a while now but I just didn't know where to start... Now that I've enrolled in the TubeCreator Academy I know the basics of how to start on YouTube and have made my first ever video! Wouter really cares for you and is always there to help you when you're feeling overwhelmed."

- Anne, NLP Coach

I discovered who I want to help with my videos.

If you are looking for a coach who wants to make YOU shine and wants to help you with going next level: he is the one. He is very nice and empathetic as well. If you want to take your YouTube to the next level... invest! Because it is worth for your personal development and your YouTube development.

- Yvonne, Trainer & YouTuber

I started to feel confident again.

I always thought starting on YouTube wasn’t for me. I felt insecure, I was scared of people’s opinions and felt like I had nothing to say on YouTube. But during Wouters coaching I started to feel confident that I HAD something to share! He showed me my qualities and showed me that I DO have stories to tell. He also taught me all the tools to start on YouTube. Within 4 weeks I made my first ever video and decided that is the journey I am going to pursue.

- Annelot, Artist

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