4 Things You Should NEVER do When You Have Anxiety

When I was struggling with anxiety, I made 4 big mistakes that made my healing far more difficult.

They resulted in frustration, anger and disappointment. After I stopped making these mistakes, my anxiety started to heal itself.

And today I want to share these mistakes with you!

#1 Trying to work out your anxiety

If you think that “one miracle thought” will solve your anxiety… you’re wrong. Anxiety is caused by too much worry and destructive (mental) habits, and trying to analyse why you feel anxious, stressed, worried or feel cramps in your chest is just another worry on top of all the worries you are dealing with. What helped me a lot was reading these books on anxiety. It gave me a much better understanding of what I was going through.

The moment you feel anxious, your body releases lots of adrenaline and cortisol to prepare itself for the fight or flight response (what anxiety actually is). Trying to think rational during an anxiety attack is therefore not a good idea. Your emotional brain takes the overhand, so the best thing to do is to calm down, let the anxiety pass and then think clearly again. Only then you can find out how you can eliminate your worries and build more positive mental habits.

There won’t be a moment when you watch TV and think: “Ah now I know why I am anxious.”

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#2 Trying to fight anxiety

You feel the way you do for a reason, and if you fight your feelings every time they come up… they will only come back harder. Anxious people (me included) have the tendency to fight their anxiety by saying: 

“Why am I feeling anxious? What is wrong again? I shouldn’t feel anxious.” 

But by doing this you train your mind to perceive anxiety as a threat, which makes it worse every time anxiety shows up again. Instead, try to embrace your feelings, let them come up and let them run their course so they can fade out.

This article will show you how you SHOULD respond whenever you’re feeling anxious.

#3 Waiting in the hope your anxiety goes away

If you struggle with anxiety, it might seem tempting to lock yourself away in your basement… waiting until your feelings go away. But this is a huge mistake if you try to overcome anxiety. Anxiety doesn’t happen overnight (only if you’re dealing with trauma), but is caused by negative thought patterns and an overdose of worry.

When you stay home, trying to wait it out, figure it out and hope you come back reborn… your symptoms might get worse. Instead, try to find out what you worry about and find out how you talk to yourself. Is it constructive or destructive? Do you criticize yourself or do you praise yourself? 

#4 Believing your what-if’s

Because your threat response is on high alert (the more friendly name than anxiety), your mind scans your environment for potential danger and spits out multiple irrational “what-if” scenarios. 

“What if I get a panic attack?”
“What if I get a heart attack?”
“What if people criticize and shame me?”

Normally you wouldn’t believe these irrational thoughts, but because the adrenaline and cortisol are rushing through your body, you do believe them. Instead, try to leave these thoughts for what they are without engaging with them. I know this is hard, but it is very important to not visualize yourself having panic attacks and doom scenarios. 

These 4 mistakes are the things that most anxious people unfortunately make. They seem logical and beneficial, but what they really do is make your anxiety worse. But I am here to ease your anxiety and help you reclaim the freedom of life.

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