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These tools below literally saved me a lot of time! Save yourself from struggles and use these tools down below to kickstart your online journey.

PS: Some of these products contain affiliate links, which means I might get a commission for recommending the product to you. But for some tools I can offer you an exclusive discount! Check the products down below to enjoy the discounts!

Software & Services

TubeBuddy: YouTube Research

Without keyword research you’ve already lost on YouTube. TubeBuddy is the #1 YouTube Research tool EVERY YouTuber needs. Before you press the record button on your camera you need to do proper research so your video can be found by people.

Elementor: Website Builder

As you know… as a YouTuber you need a solid website. But building a website can be overwhelming, right? When you use Elementor that be- comes a piece of cake. Use Elementor to build your website like a pro! Think about creating that amazing blog that you can use to direct people to your YouTube videos!


Artlist: Royalty Free Music

With a subscription to Artlist you have access to a giant library of thousands of soundtracks that you can use for your videos. Good music takes your video to a whole new level! You’ll get an Artlist discount when you use my promo code today to receive 2 months for FREE!


Artgrid: Royalty Free Video

When you create videos, you need proper B-Roll footage to keep your videos interesting. With a subscription to Artgrid you have access to a giant library of stunning stock videos, that you can use for your videos. With Artgrid you can use thousands of stock videos and make your project as best as it can be. You’ll get an Artgrid discount when you use my promo code today to receive your 2 months for FREE!


Convertkit: Email Marketing

Email marketing is very important to grow your YouTube channel AND online business. I recommend using Convertkit as your email marketing provider, because it is easy to use, and has many plug and play templates to grow and scale your online empire. You can sign up for free down below.


Dubsado: Coaching Dashboard

Dubsado helped me to build my coaching business by taking in leads, schedule appointments, and create workflows to streamline my coaching from start to finish. Use promo code: “woutermanders” to get 20% off!


VidIQ: YouTube Research

TubeBuddy is the #1 YouTube Research tool EVERY YouTuber needs. Before you press the record button on your camera you need to do proper research so your video can be found by people.

Rev logo

REV: YouTube Transcriptions

YouTube loves videos that are transcribed. When you want to transcribe your videos you can use REV, which will transcribe your videos. Oh and quick tip: use the transcript of your video as a blogpost to repurpose content! Cool right!?

Creative Market: Creative Templates

No time to design lead magnets? Instagram posts? Or are you just not an artist? Creative Market has many templates you can download and edit. Think about YouTube banners, lead magnets or thumbnails. This will save you a TON of time!

Canva Icon

Canva: Designing Graphics

If you are already overwhelmed by thinking about the Adobe Creative Cloud: Canva is your new friend. For much of your graphic design, in- cluding thumbnail design, banner design and Instagram content you can use Canva to create beautiful graphics very fast.

Recommended Equipment


Camera: Canon EOS M50

The most expensive thing on your YouTube journey will be your camera. The price can go up to $10.000 Dollars. But with the Canon EOS M50 you have everything you need. This is the camera I currently use. It has great depth of field, shoots in 4K and is known as the “vlogging camera”.


Lighting Kit Studio Equipment

When you use a lighting kit, your videos will look extremely more profes- sional. When you use studio lighting, you can create that cinematic look and great depth of field that you see on other YouTube channels. And that look is not expensive to make at all…


Joby GorillaPod 3K KIT

This tripod is amazing! It is perfect for walking outside and filming your- self, but also for inside use. The wrappable legs are the best part. Now you can film yourself professionally, even on rocky surfaces.


Rode VideoMic Pro

Low quality video is acceptable… but low quality audio is a NO GO! With the Rode VideoMic Pro you are ready to film your videos in the highest au- dio quality possible. In my videos the audio is clear, crisp and loud. That’s why the Rode VideoMic Pro is the microphone I highly recommend.


Camera Tripod Stand

This professional tripod can be as high as 67 inches and is perfect for indoor and outdoor use! While the Joby Gorillapod is a tripod for vloging or quick use, this tripod is for when you are planning to shoot a lot of con- tent. It is stable, easy to setup and compact.


SanDisk 256GB SD-Card

Always make sure to buy a proper SD card, because otherwise your footage will stutter! Don’t overlook this, because it can ruin your footage. I recommend using a SanDisk 256GB SD-card to future proof yourself.

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