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A 1:1 Coaching Program on How to

Get Leads For Your Online Business​

using YouTube... even without a massive audience

Become the Courageous Business Owner who Serves People all over the World on YouTube

Attract Leads

Learn how to use YouTube to Attract Leads for your Online Business. This means more customers.

Save Time

You'll learn how to create quality content FAST! Save hundreds of hours with my secret video workflow.

Under 8 Weeks

YES! You have your first videos up and running before the end of the 8 week program.


Building an Online Business, Creating an Online Audience and Touching the Hearts of People Worldwide.

But There's a Problem...

Do you know that most online businesses FAIL, because they lack visability?

The internet is highly competitive and only the businesses with the most attention will win. YouTube is the best traffic generator your business can have. It gives both you and your business the platform to get the attention you deserve.

But starting on YouTube is extremely overwhelming. You have to learn everything at ONCE and are very likely to waste your entire week behind a camera, without growing your business.

I help Online Business owners to attract Leads for their Online Business using YouTube. Let me help you as well.

How I started on YouTube

I know how overwhelming it is to get started on YouTube. I remember making my first video… not knowing what to expect. Actually: I was very frightened to upload it, because I was shy and not charismatic.

After my severe depression that lasted many years, my head was filled with low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. Even though I had no experience talking to a camera, I looked into the mirror and decided that I wanted to make something of my life and started a YouTube channel. All in the hope of breaking free from the 9-5… to become my own boss. 

It happened to be the single best decision of my life… even though I believed YouTube was too competitive.

Fast forward to today. I created more than 100 videos, became confident on camera and in real life, skyrocketed my self-belief, serve people worldwide and have an online coaching business teaching what I love.

I was in the same place as you, and if there is one thing I can tell you.. it would be: YOU can do this as well!

I helped dozens of people to use YouTube to Attract Leads for their Business, even without a massive following. Let me help you as well.

Stories on TubeCreator Academy

Michelle from Canada
George from the US
Presence from the UK
Anne from The Netherlands

Are you the Person who Wants to...

Start a YouTube Channel

You want to start a YouTube channel but don't know where to begin, OR you just started and realized you need help to grow.

Attract Leads for your Business

You want to use YouTube to attract leads for your business on autopilot.

Grow your Online Business

Your income is reflected by how many lives you touch. With YouTube you'll learn how to touch the hearts of the many.

Save Hundreds of Hours

Most YouTubers make the mistake of wasting time on things that don't matter, but with my secret videoworkflow you become a YouTuber UNDER 3 hours a week!

Follow your Dreams

You want to follow your dreams, break FREE from the 9-5 and become your own boss.

Build an Audience

You want a loyal fanbase of people worldwide that love both you and your videos.

If you answer these questions with yes.. apply now.

Here’s what you’ll do Inside the TubeCreator Academy

What is the TubeCreator Framework

The TubeCreator Framework consists of 3 crucial phases that will help you with (1) Clarifying your YouTube foundation (2) Producing Content and (3) Attracting Leads for your business using YouTube.

They are…

The first part of your TubeCreator journey begins with building the foundations. Most new YouTubers and Business Owners make the mistake of going to the content creation part as quickly as possible. But before you EVER make videos, you have to be crystal clear on WHO you want to attract. You have to know your Dream Customer better than they do themselves in order to attract them into your business.

Highlights Include:

  • How to feel like the Expert: Identify why YOU are the expert for someone else and understanding when you’re qualified to teach on YouTube. 
  • How to Niche Down the RIGHT Way: Learn how to find the niche of your dreams, according to 3 important criteria. You’ll also learn how to niche down on YouTube… which is not how you expect it to be.
  • Creating your Customer Avatar: Understand WHO you want to serve and attract into your business. It is the most important step of this phase, but also easily overlooked. This part of the framework will blow your mind, because you finally understand who your Dream Customer is.

The second phase of your TubeCreator journey is focused on giving you my secret video production workflow I use to pump out quality content fast! After you identified WHO you want to help, it is time to create content that will attract your dream customers! You’ll discover how to perform content & keyword research and how you can organize and schedule all your content to save you hundreds of hours. We’re all busy, right? Some exciting things will happen during this phase, because you’ll learn how to film and edit your videos!

Highlights Include:

  • My Secret Production Workflow: Learn how my Secret Production Workflow to create lots of quality content FAST! This workflow will save you hundreds of hours and a lot of headaches. This part is perfect for busy people who want to save time! And the best part: you CAN become a YouTuber UNDER 3 hours a week! Are you in?
  • Performing Keyword Research: Discover how to perform keyword research that gets you more views and optimizes you for search, because without keyword research you won’t get found on YouTube.
  • Producing your Videos: Learn everything about how to film your videos, which setting works best, what equipment to use and even how to edit your videos fast. 

The third phase of your TubeCreator journey is all about attracting your Dream Customers. You’ll learn how to make a high converting Lead Magnet to attract people into your email-list. These people become leads and can become your customers. You’ll learn both the creative part (making the perfect lead magnet) as both the technical part (Setting up the systems). The technical part is all about implementing the process to get leads on autopilot!

Highlights Include:

  • Making your High Converting Lead Magnet: Create a lead magnet that craves to be clicked and will become the bait you can use to attract your Dream Customers. 
  • Setting up the Back-End: You’ll learn how to use Convertkit to build your email-list. You’ll also learn how to set-up systems to get leads on autopilot.
  • Money Making Hacks: I’ll share with you some other ways I monetized my YouTube channel, without having a massive following.

    And much, much more!

How to Attract Leads

1. Book a Free Intake

Book your free intake below. During this intake we will discuss your YouTube goals and make sure that we are on the same page. 

2. Learn the Secrets

Enroll in the program and learn all the secrets to use YouTube to attract leads for your Online Business.

3. Attract Leads

After 8 weeks you know everything about YouTube, created your own content and have everything in place to attract leads.

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What you Get...

So, What's the Investment?

With the TubeCreator Academy you have the perfect framework to Attract Leads for your Online Business using YouTube within 8 weeks under professional guidance. 

YouTube is the best way to grow your online business. Under 8 weeks you can expect your first videos up and running,  have a powerful YouTube production workflow in place that saves you hundreds of hours and have attracted your first leads for your online business.

No leads means no customers. TubeCreator will solve that problem period.

The best part: after the 8 weeks you are an independent YouTuber who stands on his own feet! 

Even though it is difficult to price something like the TubeCreator Academy. With all the coaching sessions, Vault of Secret Videos, Worksheets, Templates and Bonuses…


Pay in Full

One Payment
$ 1997
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Access to the Vault
  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • Secret Workflow
  • All Worksheets
  • $12,497 of Total Value
  • 7 Day Money Back

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 765
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Access to the Vault
  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • Secret Workflow
  • All Worksheets
  • $12,497 of Total Value
  • 7 Day Money Back

Recap of What you'll Get

When you enroll in the TubeCreator Academy you’ll learn how to Attract Leads for your Online Business, using YouTube. Even without a massive following the TubeCreator Framework will help you with attracting leads. Because leads can become your customers.

Leads are the fuel of your business and YouTube could be the solution to finally grow your business.

With all the video lessons, powerful sessions, worksheets, templates, guides and bonusses, this program…

Has a total value of a whopping $12,497, but you have the chance to snag this deal for an Early Bird price of $1997 when you pay in full. 

Snag your deal now, before the offer expires and all slots are taken.

You snoose, You lose.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the end of the 8 week program you can expect to have your first videos up and running on YouTube and have attracted your first leads. You’ll also understand how to use YouTube to Attract Leads for your business. You’ll learn how to produce content fast, create a high converting lead magnet and attract people who are very interested in your products and services into your email list. At the end of the program you can literally stand on your own feet and do it all yourself.

Yes! You’ll learn everything I know about how to use YouTube as a tool to attract leads into your business. These are the things I learned the hard way. After the program you have a system in place to attract leads for your business, using YouTube. You’ll attract people who are interested in your products on autopilot.

Are you someone who wants to build an online business? Someone who wants to work ANYWHERE at ANYTIME? Are you a Freelancer, a Digital Nomad, an online business owner, a coach or a new YouTuber who wants to Attract Leads for your Business? If yes… the TubeCreator Academy is your new opportunity!

You are probably like me and want to figure everything out yourself. But let me tell you that figuring out everything yourself was the biggest mistake I made on YouTube. I created 12 months of content that nobody wanted until I realised what worked… and what doesn’t. It took 12 months of content creation, 100+ hours of tutorials, courses and podcasts to understand how this overwhelming space works. Please. Don’t waste an entire year of missing leads. Don’t make my mistake. 

Yes! Because you’ll learn what moves the needle for you on YouTube, what you have to focus on and how to optimize your workflow to spend as little as 3 hours a week on YouTube. And you’ll get acces to my secret YouTube workflow that is HIGHLY optimized to create lots of quality content in as little time as possible. If you are busy: this program is perfectly made for you. 

No problem! You can choose the payment plan, so you can still enjoy all the benefits of the TubeCreator Academy!

Even though that is highly unlikely, it is still possible that you are not ready to start on YouTube, or that you are not satisfied for some reason. No worries! You can request a full refund within 7 days of enrolling. 

I have been very shy for most of my life, but the best part is that not the entire world is watching in the beginning! You can fail, have fun and improve along the way. 

Whether you launch your channel or decide to wait a little longer to reflect on everything you learned… you’ll have your first videos created and understand the process to attract leads.

Use the TubeCreator Lead System to Attract Leads for your Online Business on Autopilot

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Pay in Full

One Payment
$ 1997
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Access to the Vault
  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • Secret Workflow
  • All Worksheets
  • $12,497 of Total Value
  • 7 Day Money Back

Payment Plan

3 Payments of
$ 765
  • Early Bird Pricing
  • Access to the Vault
  • 8 Coaching Sessions
  • Secret Workflow
  • All Worksheets
  • $12,497 of Total Value
  • 7 Day Money Back

Don't Lose this Special Offer...

Do you know that most online businesses FAIL, because they lack visability?

They desperately hunt for customers, anxiously wait for customers to appear and eventually quit altogether, because they think they don’t have what it takes.

When you start using YouTube as a tool to attract leads for your Online Business… your life can change. But doing it yourself will result in overwhelm, frustration and even anger! It might result in wasting hundreds of hours doing things that don’t matter.

Until you quit on your dreams and believe starting a channel is not meant for you.

Making the decision to begin on YouTube is brave enough. But what isn’t brave is to figure everything out yourself. 

I get it. I’ve been there as well. No customers, no income, no leads.

It took me a year to figure out how to use YouTube to attract leads for my online coaching business. 

But the truth is, you shouldn’t make the mistakes I made in the first place! You want leads for your business. Because that means more growth and more income. And you want a roadmap that explains how you can become attract leads using YouTube.

That’s why the TubeCreator Framework is the new opportunity that crossed your path.

Let me help you as well.

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