Using TubeBuddy Was a Massive Mistake…

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Using TubeBuddy Was a Massive Mistake…

So I started a YouTube Channel…

If you want to be successful YouTuber you have to do keyword research right? That’s what all the big YouTubers claim. 

But why did Kelly Stamps blow up without doing any keyword research? Why did Jenelle Eliana get 1 million subscribers after just ONE single video. And why did Mr. Beast, one of the biggest YouTubers on this planet, grow to 60 million subscribers without doing keyword research?

 In 2020 I decided to start a YouTube channel and I got hit by reality. YouTube was harder than I thought. So I was clueless about what to do and enrolled in a course. But the YouTube course taught me to only focus on YouTube search. 


Because as a small YouTuber you cannot compete with the big ones… yes, that’s true. But in the course they claimed that the keywords in your title can make or break your videos. And to prevent that you had to install a tool called TubeBuddy for keyword research. For a year I focused on search. I did my keyword research on YouTube and I made search friendly topics.

But nothing happened. Every video had 20 views. Then I got stressed and frustrated (what I normally do). And now when I look back after being on YouTube for a complete year, I know it was the wrong approach. 

Why TubeBuddy didn’t work

I blindly focused on crafting the best possible SEO, optimized titles, optimized title for the algorithm without seeing any results for 12 months. But then I read the YouTube formula from Derral Eves. It’s one of the best books ever about YouTube. What he said in his book is that YouTube doesn’t care about your title and your thumbnail. It only cares if people click on the video and watch the video.

Because then they can make more money because they can show you more ads. 

So every single thing that course taught me was wrong. And the way I used TubeBuddy was also wrong. YouTube wants to make as much money and it does so if you help them with keeping people as long on the platform as possible. If your videos help them with achieving that goal, they are likely to push it to more people because YouTube wants to show people the best quality videos. 

One of my metaphors is that a restaurant only cares if people consume food: they have to order and eat the food.

They don’t care about the titles on the menu cards. When I look back at my channel and all my videos that I created, I see some videos that performed well and some that didn’t perform well. And the funny thing to see is that the ones without any keyword research before outperformed the ones where I DID keyword research.

Why? Because those titles with SEO, optimized keywords were very robotic, which meant nobody clicked on it. But the ones where I didn’t optimize the titles for keywords made humans click.

What to do Instead

As a conclusion: if you blindly use to TubeBuddy, hoping it will solve all your problems, understand that it won’t solve your problems and gets you ranked.

You have to take a step back and realize and discover if you are using it correctly. Do you believe SEO makes or breaks your channel or that you should focus on making quality content for people instead? I hope you start to believe you should focus on the last.

How I use TubeBuddy today is to find out what is well searched, but low competition. I do NOT use it to craft my titles or find my titles… just the topics that I could possibly rank for.

Don’t use it to craft your titles in the hope the YouTube algorithm starts to like it! And when you found a keyword that is very well searched and with little competition, then craft a clickable title around that keyword that would make humans click!

YouTube cares about if people click and watch: not if your keywords are in the right order. We live in 2021, the YouTube algorithm is too smart to just use keywords as a factor to determine what content gets served to a viewer.

This worked in 2008, but not in 2021. Use TubeBuddy as your tool to find great topics, not to craft titles.

Do I recommend TubeBuddy? Yes, I recommend it to every YouTuber to find the best YouTube topics for your channel. Without TubeBuddy you’re missing a powerful plugin for your journey.

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