5 BEST YouTube Shorts Ideas to GROW on YouTube

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Idea #1: Use Humor

The first YouTube shorts idea I got for you is to use humor and entertainment for your channel. This can be some funny things that happened to you when you made videos, or a blooper. Make sure that it is in some way relevant to your channel and audience and not just a random video.

Idea #2: Give Tips & Tricks

The second YouTube shorts idea is to give your audience tips & tricks. As a coach I can give people a quick tip that they can use strait away, or a trick that I implement myself. The goal is to make it short and snappy without a lot of depth. Don’t talk about heavily loaded stuff and deep topics like politics… but just a quick tip on something light, like explaining why you need a vision board.

Idea #3: Small Projects

The third YouTube shorts idea is to show a glimpse to your audience about what you’ve been working on. This can be a small project or something your business is working on. I am currently creating a coaching program to help new YouTubers start on YouTube without the overwhelm so I could show some things about that and make people curious about what it is.

Just ask yourself:

How can I make people curious?

And what project can I show people under a minute?

Idea #4: Mindset Shifts

The fourth YouTube shorts idea is to give your audience a mindset shift. I love mindset shifts, because we all have made a mindset shift before and suddenly the whole world doesn’t feel the same anymore. So what you can do is that if you are a coach or you teach people something… tell them the mistakes they are making, what they are doing that is a waste of their time, or tell them how they should do things differently.

In my space you got many big YouTubers that are telling you that if you want to grow on YouTube you have to have a very very specific customer you want to help right at the START, but I learned that it is better to not pigeonhole yourself at the beginning and double down on what works.

See, under 30 seconds a mindset shift you can give your audience.

Idea #5: Behind the scenes

The fifth YouTube shorts idea is to make a behind the scenes of your business or video. People love to see another side of you than just the business side of you. Because you show them you are human and they connect more easily to you.

You can make a behind the scenes of you working on your projects, your business, coaching people, filming yourself… you name it. This is something I am going to implement way more for the coming months, because you make everything less static.

YouTube shorts

And! Two more mistakes you should definitely avoid!

Mistake #1: Giving Tutorials

The first YouTube shorts mistake is to make tutorials. “I like to learn how to bake a cake in under a minute. Or I like to learn math in under a minute.”

What seems obvious is not obvious for your audience. You know your stuff, but new people who watch your videos are most of the time completely blank and don’t know what you are saying and are quickly overwhelmed. When you explain things you shouldn’t do it in under a minute but take the time.

Mistake #2: Vlogging

And the second YouTube shorts mistake is to vlog. Nobody cares about your when you are a small YouTuber. You watch this video because you want YouTube shorts ideas… not to see me walking with my dog and talking about random stuff. Always make sure to keep people engaged and connected to what you have to offer and lead them to your other videos.

Make it relevant!

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