2 Months FREE! Artlist Promo Code (Verified 2022)

Artlist is a subscription service that gives you unlimited access to its extensive library of quality music, sourced directly from indie musicians all over the world. Artlist is a powerful music licensing platform, created by filmmakers for filmmakers. With 1000’s of new songs and a full year of unlimited downloads you can find exactly the music you need for your project. Now you can get Artlist with a promo discount! code for 2022.

What is Artlist?

Music licensing is often a complicated, expensive mess, which slows us down and gets in the way of the creative process. By offering direct and unlimited access to our entire catalogue of inspiring music for a single annual subscription fee, we believe that Artlist is the solution.

The flexible license, combined with a wide variety of high-quality music, makes Artlist an ideal solution not only for independent filmmakers who can’t afford to license multiple songs through other services, but also for YouTube creators and corporate filmmakers who make commercial work in high volume. You’ll get an Artlist discount (coupon) when you use this promo code today to receive your 2 months for FREE with a $60 discount code!

And the best part: when you subscribe to Artlist.io with my special link, you will receive 2 Months for Free with an Artlist discount! With this promo discount, it gets even better.

Why Artlist?

Making inspirational and motivational videos requires stunning video footage and amazing music to touch the soul and bring forth change in people. But this passion for making video’s can be very expensive. Of course we will not make our own music all the time, because it wouldn’t be time-efficient. So… where do you start? When I learned about Artlist.io, this passion for making videos took a giant leap!

With a subscription to Artlist you have access to a giant library of thousands of soundtracks, that you can use for your videos. And the best part is that it is very low-priced, compared to all the other options you have in this creative landscape. You’ll get an Artlist discount (coupon) when you use this promo code today to receive your 2 months for FREE!

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