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Are you looking for a FREE Artgrid promo discount code that is working in 2022? Then you are at the right place! When you click on the link below you can get my Artgrid discount code for 2 months free at! I use Artgrid for many of my YouTube videos and it is the best resource for using stock footage if you are on a budget.

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What is Artgrid?

Making inspirational and motivational videos requires stunning video footage to touch the soul and bring forth change in people. But this passion for making video’s can be very expensive. If you shoot all of the content yourself, you lose much time and need special equipment, and downloading footage from sites like Shutterstock is very expensive.

So… where do you start?

When I learned about, my passion for making video took a giant leap! With a subscription to Artgrid you have access to a giant library of stunning stock video, that you can use for your videos. And the best part is that it is very low-priced, compared to all the other options you have in the creative landscape. You’ll get an Artgrid discount (coupon) when you use my promo code today to receive your 2 months for FREE! After you used this Artgrid Discount Code, you can start with using the entire library of Royalty Free footage from Artgrid with a $100 discount for 2022.

And the best part: when you subscribe to with my special link, you will receive 2 Months for Free! With this promo discount, it gets even beter. But act, fast… the promo code only works for the first 100 people!

Artgrid promo code

Why Artgrid?

Finding original, good quality stock footage is very difficult. It is either too expensive, or the quality if terrible. But when you use Artgrid you have both great quality and an affordable price. I’ve never been more satisfied than with Artgrid for using stock footage… and to confess… I even use it sometimes in my own videos that I mostly shoot myself!

Artgrid is your best option for royalty free stock footage… and the best part is that you can get a $100 discount if you click on the link below!

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Final Thoughts

Finding stunning royalty free stock footage is a hard one. Your footage is either not original and looks inauthentic, or you either pay hundreds of dollars for good quality. But when you take a subscription to Artgrid, you can have the best stock footage at a great price… and with my $100 discount it becomes even more affordable!

But act, fast… the promo code only works for the first 100 people!

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