Lifebook Mindvalley Review (IS IT WORTH IT?) (1 YEAR LATER)

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Enjoy this Lifebook Mindvalley Review to help you with making the choice to enroll in this mindvalley course! Lifebook by John and Missy Butcher has changed my life, so enjoy the review!

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Lifebook by Mindvalley has changed my life 100%. In this video I am going to give you a review of my lifebook experience and what happened in 1 year. Lifebook is the ultimate book that helps you with visualizing your future and achieving your goals. Mindvalley has made an excelent course again and the best part is that you can get it for FREE! Yes, Lifebook is for free! Lifebook by Mindvalley is the best visionboard you can make. Enjoy the Lifebook Mindvalley Review!

Why I NEEDED Lifebook

Last summer I had not a single clue about what I wanted to do with my life. I had no purpose, I had a purpose but hadn’t discovered it yet, so I was essentially sailing circles on the Atlantic ocean and didn’t understand why the only thing I saw was water and waves. So, I saw an add online by Mindvalley about Lifebook. And Lifebook is a book that you make yourself, which is like a vision board for your entire life.

And after a week of thinking I decided to enroll in the course. So, I paid the $500 deposit and started with Lifebook in the hope I would discover my purpose in life. And a purpose is something you don’t find.

Many people I talk with ask me how I discovered my purpose, and I say them to ask questions like “what is my purpose, what are my talents, what is my gifts or what is trying to emerge through me?” And every time they ask such a question, a little bit of your purpose will reveal itself. But those people ask the question “what is my purpose?” and when they don’t get the answer they give up. So with Lifebook you ask these questions for 8 weeks in the 12 categories of your life

(1) Health & Fitness

(2) Intellectual Life

(3) Emotional Life

(4) Character

(5) Spiritual Life

(6) Love relationships

(7) Parenting

(8) Social Life

(9) Financial Life

(10) Career

(11) Quality of Life and

(12) Life vision.

The Experience

So every week you stand still by two categories. The lessons take an hour and are so, so, so captivating. It had so many magical elements and it suddenly felt like I was in Disneyland. You hear dreamy music, a creek, some birds in the background and then you see quotes from people like Einstein, Rumi and Oprah and testimonials from how Lifebook changed the lives of people and then the main host John Butcher starts to talk. It is a beautiful experience and because of the setting you dare to dream.

To explain it a little better, lets stick with the category relationships. During the lessons you write your own premise, the things you want to believe about Love and relationships. Things like that Love is meant for you, love is your birth right or that an amazing love live is also for you. Do they have to be true?

No. You write down the things you wish to believe, because that is what you’ll eventually gravitate towards to. Then you write down your vision, what do you want with your love live?

Are you and your girlfriend (or boyfriend) travelling the world together? Eating at restaurants? Write down in your Lifebook what you wish, dare to dream. Then you write down your purpose: why do you want It, because having a why is what fuels you to take action towards the vision.

And then last but not least, your strategy. How do you want to reach your vision? How do you want to manifest it into your reality? Which actions are you going to take in order to realize the vision you wrote down? Is it reading books about love and relationships? Learn to communicate, visit more places to meet potential girlfriends or boyfriends?

So you have your new beliefs, which is the new box you want to place yourself in (because beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies) then the vision that will “happen” in that box, your why and then your strategy to attract it into your reality.

And you do this for all the categories and at the end you create your own Lifebook, and I designed mine like an artwork and yours should be as well. And it sounds really simple and like you can do it yourself, but you really need the guidance from John Butcher and the dreamy environment, because otherwise… you won’t start dreaming and you will limit yourself, and then you will never reach your full potential.

Lifebook Explained

With Lifebook you create the best life you can think of in all the 12 categories of life and then, like 12 boats, they all sail into the same direction. So that is it about the course, now my experience 10 months later.

By the way guys, if you want to ask me a question about the course, ask it in the comment section of my video so I can give you some advice!

10 Months Later

Okay, 10 months later… my life changed so much that I sometimes even had to step on the breaks and slow down. After I finished the course, I spent each weak working and reading my Lifebook until my subconscious mind took in all the new beliefs, the vision, my purpose and strategies, and then things went fast.

Month after month I took tiny actions towards my goals and step by step they came into my reality. I was insecure, had 1 million love blocks, was broke, didn’t know my purpose and wasn’t becoming smarter in my areas of interest… but after the first 6 months all that started to change… until I am right here making this video, almost a year later.

In my Lifebook I wrote that I wanted to develop confidence and one month after I completed Lifebook I went to London all by myself to an event where I had to talk in English about difficult topics, I joined Toastmasters to practice public speaking and the best part: after 22 YEARS of being SINGLE, I got into a relationship. I had so many love blocks and thought I would be lonely for the rest of my life, how silly it might sound, but after I followed the strategies in the love category, my limiting beliefs vanished, were replaced by the constructive ones and I attracted the love I wanted.

Well, the only Lifebook category that didn’t move closer to my goals was the parenting category, but I’m okay with that.

I also became clear about my career. I had to choose work I love, contribute to others and wanted to show my talents.  In the career category you really take a deep dive into your soul to identify what is there. I always loved writing as a kid, I loved making videos, I loved to stand in front of the class and I loved to create. And during the course I realized I could combine it with all the things I overcame, like a severe depression.

So I connected my talents with a mission and that is the reason why I have started this channel, that is the reason why I made this video.

To help you as well. Because you also deserve to discover your purpose, because it is your birth right.

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