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If you are a videographer, freelancer in the video space or a creative that loves to make stunning video footage: Motion Array probably got your attention. But of course you don’t know if it is worth investing in. Why do you need another platform and would it be worth the investment? In this article I’ll show you in an honest review if Motion Array is really worth it.

What is Motion Array?

Motion Array is a platform where people can download a huge variety of products, like video templates, stock videos, royalty free music and plugins to help you make better videos. With over 700.000 assets Motion Array is a major player in the creative industry. 

Besides the fact that Motion Array offers you unlimited access to stunning assets, Motion Array also offers a cloud-based video collaboration tool called “Review” and a stunning portfolio builder through which you can showcase your work to people and potential clients all over the world. 

As a summary: Motion Array is a platform where you have access to a gigantic library of stunning premium quality video assets to make better videos.

Who uses Motion Array?

Motion Array is used by people in the creative industry. Think of: YouTubers, freelancers and content creators. If you are working in the creative industry and are busy with making videos: Motion Array is your platform to subscribe to for the highest quality assets for the best price.

If you sign up down below with my private link, you can get a 1 month FREE Trial (for the first 100 people only)

Why do you need Motion Array?

Being a videographer or freelancer in the creative space can be an expensive job. You need to pay for stock footage, royalty free music, templates, plugins and other tools. All these subscriptions can easily cost you hundreds of dollars a month. 

With Motion Array, you no longer have that problem. For as low as $20.83 a month you can have access to more than 700.000 creative assets to level up your videos. And yes… the library is expanding every single day!

How to use Motion Array?

Do you wonder how to start using Motion Array? With Motion Array you can take any project from start to finish super fast. First of all you have to sign up here (to get 1 month for FREE), to then log into your account and start browsing.

On Motion Array you can find the following assets:

Templates: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Motion Graphics, Adobe Premiere Rush, Davinci Resolve, and Final Cut Pro.
Presets: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro and DaVinci Resolve Macros.
Audio: Royalty Free Music and Sound Effects.
Videos: Footage and Motion Graphics.
Photos: an enormous selection of backgrounds, people, natural landscapes, and dozens of other categories.

After you found exactly what you are looking for, you can start to download your asset and use it. That’s it. No difficult processes… click, download, and start using it!


When you take a subscription to Motion Array you can choose between 700.000 high quality assets you can use for your creative project.

Think of:

And the best part is that all assets are high-quality files and that the library is expanding every single day. But something else that is worth mentioning: you can even use Motion Array as a video collaboration tool! The tool is called “Review” and it helps creatives to work together on their video projects. This makes it way faster and easier to improve your videos and add feedback from others.

If you sign up down below with my private link, you can get a 1 month FREE Trial (for the first 100 people only)

How much does Motion Array cost?

You are probably curious about the cost of Motion Array. The cost of Motion Array is $29.99 a month if you pay monthly, and you can save over $100 a year. The annual subscription is as low as $20.83! This means that you have access to over 700.000 video assets for just $20.83!

Pro’s and Cons of Motion Array

Motion Array has a lot of pro’s I want to highlight. The first one is that Motion Array offers you access to unlimited downloads out of the enormous library of 700.000 assets. No longer do you have to take a subscription to multiple serviceas for your creative work… because it is all in one place. With 1 subscription you have literally access to thousands of songs, stock footage and plugins to seriously level up your videos. That’s the power of Motion Array.

The only cons I experienced for Motion Array where that if you use Final Cut, you cannot make use of the plugins. Motion Array offers countless of plugins for Premiere Pro, but unfortunately not (yet) for Final Cut Pro from Apple. Besides that con, there are no reasons not to take a subscription.

If you sign up with my private link, you can get a 1 month FREE Trial (for the first 100 people only)

Is there a discount for Motion Array?

There are no discounts available for Motion Array. The only discount you can get is a FREE month of the service if you sign up with the link down below (only for the first 100 people). And the best part is that you don’t have to fill in any credit card details to get started!

Motion Array Review: is it really worth it?

As a conclusion to this review: is Motion Array really worth it in 2023? After using this service and making use of all the assets this gigantic platform has to offer… I can say with full conviction that Motion Array is definitely worth it! With a monthly fee of as low as €20.83, Motion Array offers way more than you the price you pay. With a huge library of video footage, royalty free music and other assets… Motion Array is definitely worth the price.

If you sign up down below with my private link, you can get a 1 month FREE Trial (for the first 100 people only)

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