Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer: Still Worth it in 2022?

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The moment I saw there was a course from Marisa Peer, called Uncompromised Life, I was sold.

Do you know why?

Marisa Peer is one of the best hypnotherapists and mindset coaches on the planet. At the time I struggled a lot with depression, low self-esteem and anxiety… so why not learn the mindset wisdom from Marisa Peer?

A lot has changed since then, so today I want to help you make the decision to enrol in Uncompromised Life from Marisa Peer!

You’ll love this full breakdown of the course, so let’s get started!

Why did I enrol in Uncompromised Life?

For most of my life, I struggled with depression, low self-esteem and anxiety. These obstacles were the roadblocks that prevented me from achieving my goals.

Just before 2020 I experienced anxiety as well and simply had enough of the low self-esteem that was hunting me for most of my life.

It was the time I decided to take action. It was the time I wanted to change myself into someone who wouldn’t allow the chains of anxiety, depression and low self-esteem to keep him away from his dreams.  

After a lot of due diligence and research I came across Marisa Peer and her program “Uncompromised Life.” Before I invested I watched many YouTube videos about Marisa Peer to understand if she could help me overcome my struggles.

But after only a few videos and reading a review of Uncompromised Life, I decided to enrol in the program.

And after 8 weeks, my life changed forever. I don’t say this to persuade you to invest in the program as well, because that’s just your decision. I make this claim, because the program had stunning results on my levels of depression, anxiety and self-belief. 

Let’s take a look!

What is Uncompromised Life?

What were the results after I enrolled?

After the Uncompromised Life program, which takes 8 weeks, I got the following tangible results:

1. Greater control over my mind

I learned how to influence my brain, which impacts how I feel and behave. There are 2 things your brain listens to and Marisa Peer explains how to use these 2 things to instantly create confidence and less anxiety. 

2. Gained incredible self-belief

I always struggled with having little self-belief. After the program, I learned how to boost my self-belief, self-image and build unshakable confidence. I changed the way how I see myself and understand how confidence is created.

3. Being less scared of rejection

Because I was always rejected as a kid in school, my worst fear was the fear of rejection. After the program, Marisa Peer gave me powerful tools to overcome my fear of rejection in a few simple steps. 

4. Rewired my brain

Each week you get a powerful hypnotherapy meditation, where Marisa guides you to greater confidence, changing limiting beliefs and boosting your performance by changing your subconscious mind. 

Why should I watch the FREE Masterclass?

If you are not sure if you want to invest in Uncompromised Life, you’ll already learn a ton by watching the FREE Masterclass. Marisa Peer will explain the benefits of hypnotherapy and give you great insights on how the mind works. 

Before I enrolled in Uncompromised Life and read the reviews, I also watched the FREE Masterclass to become familiar with Marisa and her teachings. 

Does Uncompromised Life help with anxiety?

Because this blog is all about easing your anxiety, you probably want to know if the Uncompromised Life helped me with easing my anxiety. 

The short answer is “yes”. The Uncompromised Life helped me with easing my anxiety. 

During the program, you learn great tools to reclaim back control of your mind. You discover how to boost your confidence very quickly and live less in your head. Just these 2 things are enough to decrease your levels of anxiety a lot. 

As a matter of fact; some of the things I learned from Marisa Peer in this program are the things I now teach my clients, because they transformed my life a lot. 

If you struggle with anxiety, then I highly recommend you enrol in the course, or watch the FREE Masterclass to get a huge discount.

What do you learn week by week?

So… what do you learn week by week? Good question! The program consists of 17 lessons and has a duration of 8 weeks. Every week you watch one lesson and listen to one hypnotherapy session.

After you watched each lesson which is around 40-60 minutes long, you get a hypnotherapy session that you should listen to for a minimum of 7 days (until the next lesson). That way you have the theory and can implement it right away. I recommend you listen to them first in the morning or before bed. 

This is the curriculum week by week:

Week 1: Your mind does what it thinks you want it to do
In the first week, you learn how to talk to yourself in a way you achieve your goals and becoming a high-achiever. You will learn how to empower your mind with the words you use. Marisa explains that you and your mind are a team. You want it to help you, motivate you and inspire you. In this lesson, you will learn how to make your mind your best friend.

Week 2: You only respond to two things
In the second week, you learn how the mind works. You discover that it only responds to two things. You’ll understand the two triggers of powerful mind control and how to effectively use them to transform your self-image and self-esteem. Once you’re done with this lesson, you’ll carry with you an unshakable attitude that helps focus on what matters most in your life.

Week 3: Make the familiar unfamiliar
In the third week, Marisa helps you to become familiar with what you want and unfamiliar with what you don’t want (anxiety, low self-belief, no money etc). 

Week 4: Do what you hate first
In the fourth week, you are going to learn the number one key habit of successful people. What is it that they do that makes them extraordinary? They have their fears and doubts, but they are determined to succeed. Successful people know exactly what to do in order to achieve remarkable results. And after this lesson, you will too.

Week 5: Take daily actions
In the fifth week, you’re going to learn how to get closer to your goals at rapid speed. What if taking action towards your goals come with the same “automaticness” as brushing your teeth in the morning? In this lesson, you’ll put yourself in a productivity trance and systematically take action on things that matter. Because that’s when success becomes a habit.

Week 6: Delay gratification
In the sixth week, you are going to learn how to delay gratification. You are going to take on one more habit that’s going to take you to massive success professionally, emotionally and physically. It is simple but often an overlooked principle. At the end of this lesson, you will know how to delay gratification and your rewards will be marvelous.

Week 7: I am enough
In the seventh week, you are going to focus on self-image and self-worth. Almost all the negative habits of people can be traced back to one thing: trying to fill the emptiness of not feeling enough. Because when you feel you’re not enough, nothing can make you feel better. In this lesson, you’ll learn how to install the belief of “I’m enough.”

Week 8: Don’t let in criticism, but do let in praise
In the last week of the course, you’ll learn one of the most powerful tools for success. You will discover the power of self-praise, and at the same time, you will master the art of deflecting destructive criticism.

Who is Marisa peer?

Marisa Peer is the United Kingdom’s #1 therapist, as voted by Tatler magazine. Over the past 25 years, she has coached an extensive client list of royalty, rockstars, Hollywood celebrities, Olympic athletes, political leaders, and CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies.

Marisa is known for her powerful hypnotherapy sessions. It often transforms a person’s way of thinking in as little as one or two sessions. She guides you into deep relaxation and then tries to make positive changes in your subconscious mind, which influences most of your thoughts and actions. Because when you are in a deep relaxed state, the mind is more susceptible for change.  

Through her work, Marisa has discovered there are eight unique thought models that only the world’s top 1% of Super Achievers possess, which anyone in the remaining 99% can adopt too, to create their own extraordinary success.

Since 2015, Marisa Peer has helped more than 100.000 people on the Mindvalley platform to adopt these mental models with her famous Transformational Hypnotherapy sessions.

The Uncompromised Life program is an excellent opportunity to experience her Transformational Hypnotherapy process for yourself, so you too can unblock your path to a life with less anxiety, depression, but greater confidence.

The PRO’s of Uncompromised Life

The Uncompromised Life by Mindvalley has a lot of pro’s:

  1. You learn directly from Marisa Peer (She is one of the best mindset coaches on the planet)
  2. You get powerful meditations (You’ll have access to the same powerful meditations she sells individually on her site for hundreds of dollars)
  3. Only 8 Weeks (All this life-changing information is delivered to you in only 8 weeks)
  4. Greater confidence, self-esteem and less anxiety (You’ll have insights and mindset shifts that instantly decrease your anxiety, and build greater confidence and self-esteem)

The CON’s of Uncompromised Life

Because I am a huge fan of Marisa Peer, thanks to the transformations she gave me, there is not much I did dislike about the program. The only Con I could think of was:

  1. Sessions are long (You have 1 session of 60 minutes, which could be long for some people).

How much does Uncompromised Life Cost?

You cannot buy Uncompromised Life as a separate program, but that’s not a bad thing! If you want to enrol in the program you can invest in Mindvalley Membership which costs as little as $41 a month!

With Mindvalley Membership you have access to dozens of programs to develop yourself and become the best version you could be. All these programs are created by the world’s best coaches and teachers. This is my third year of being a member and I cannot describe how much value I got for just $41 a month! 

If you want to enrol in Uncompromised Life after this review, than become a member. There is even a 15-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Click on the image down below to enrol now. 

Is there a discount code?

There is no secret discount code anywhere on the internet. But when you sign up for the FREE Masterclass you’ll receive a huge discount after you watched the class.

Click here to watch the Free Masterclass and get the discount (for the first 100 people only)


If you are looking for a way to boost your level of self-esteem, create greater confidence and ease your fears and anxiety… then Uncompromised Life from Marisa Peer is absolutely WORTH IT! In just 8 short weeks you learn so much about how your mind works and how you can reclaim back control.

If you are serious about upgrading your mindset and want to learn from the absolute best in the market, then enrolling in Uncompromised Life by Mindvalley is the single best way to do so. 

The course helped me to become someone new, and it will do the same for you. If you want to make the step to change your life, then watch the FREE Masterclass down below to learn a lot about turning your mind into your best friend.

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